New report on the Nordic E-commerce market

New report on the Nordic E-commerce market

E-commerce in the Nordics reportFor more than a decade now, PostNord has commissioned a yearly study of the Nordic e-commerce market. The report “E‑commerce in the Nordics 2018 Summary” (published in March 2019) is based on surveys with consumers aged 18-79 years conducted monthly in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. The total number of respondents is 89 000. The report contains detailed information on both the Nordic market as a whole, as well as the four Scandinavian countries individually. Here are some findings from the new study.

Nordic market now worth over EUR 22 billion

The total value of physical products bought online during 2018 is estimated at EUR 22.4 billion. 16 % came from purchases made from foreign e-commerce markets. Sweden, the largest country in the region, is responsible for the biggest part of the total spending while Denmark and Norway show the highest average spending per capita with EUR 223 and EUR 218 respectively. Finland has the lowest average spending per capita, but on the other hand the highest share of residents buying products from abroad.

Four countries dominate when Nordic consumers shop outside the region

Nordic countries differ when it comes to shopping from other markets than their own. Finnish and Norwegian consumers have a habit of shopping from abroad, while Danish and Swedish consumers rely on domestic web shops to a greater extent. When the Nordics make purchases from outside the region, they prefer to buy from China, the United Kingdom, Germany and the US.

Delivery is central to the whole shopping experience

Online customers want to be in the driver’s seat and clearly state that delivery, and thus the task of shipping companies, is central to the purchase experience. Swedish consumers stand out by their high use of service points and when it comes to wanting to choose the delivery date. Finns have a strong desire to be able to change the delivery method after placing an order. Norwegians consider it important to be offered free shipping, while Danes are the ones with the highest demand for fast deliveries.

The new report can now be ordered free of charge.

Olof Källgren, Market Information Manager, Direct Link