Privacy Policy & Cookies

As part of PostNord, Direct Link adheres to the same strong standards of personal integrity as its parent company. PostNord’s privacy policy applies to Direct Link. Information about the cookies used on Direct Link websites can be found below.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file placed on your computer or other IT equipment.

A cookie enables recognition of your computer and the collection of information on what websites and functions have been visited. It helps maintain your settings when you are navigating a website or return to
the same website at a later point. Cookies are sometimes used to collect information which is considered personal data, such as your IP address and information related to the IP address, but no information directly related to you as an individual. Cookies are used by practically all websites and the website is often dependent on cookies to function.

Cookies are either deleted automatically when the user closes their web browser (so-called “session cookies”), or are stored on the user’s equipment to facilitate future visits on the website (so-called
“permanent cookies”). Permanent cookies could also be deleted, either automatically or after a certain period.

Cookies in Direct Link’s digital channels

Direct Link uses cookies for reasons related to functionality, analysis and marketing. We primarily use cookies to gather statistics on users’ visits and to improve your user experience, e.g. so that your preferences are saved, but we also use cookies for certain types of marketing.

Our websites use two types of cookies: persistent cookies and session cookies. Persistent cookies, which are saved on your computer for some time after the web browser is closed, are used for surveillance and to log web traffic and traffic patterns between your computer and the websites. Session cookies, which are deleted automatically after the browser is closed, are used to optimize loading and caching of web pages on your computer.

Supplier: Google Analytics
First- or Third-party cookie: First-party
Persistence (how long each cookie is valid):
__ga: 2 years
__gat: 1 minute
__gid: 24 hours
__gac: 90 days
__utma: 2 years
__utmz: 6 months
__utmb: 30 minutes
Data that is stored: These cookies store information about how the user uses Direct Link’s website(s), including the number of pages displayed, where the visitor comes from and the number of visits.
Purpose: These cookies are tools for analyzing visitor behavior on the site in order to enhance user experience and ensure site functionality.
Is information transferred to a third party?:
The information in this cookie is transferred to Google only for the purpose of providing services to Direct Link linked to the websites. For more information about all cookies from Google Analytics, see

Other third-party tools

Our forms are protected by reCAPTCHA, and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Additionally, Google Optimize may be used at times in order to test content changes on the website.