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Warehouse Logistics

Reach your customers quicker and gain peace of mind with our services

We make it simple for you. You send your products to us and we do the rest. When your customers place an order with you, we pick it, pack it and deliver it directly to them, quicker. Also, your customs and VAT costs can be pre-paid which makes it easier for everyone and removes one of those sales hurdles for you.

Our focus is on personalizing services and shipments as well as providing excellent customer experience for your B2B and B2C clients. Our aim is to be your business partner, not only a supplier. Tell us your needs and requirements, and we will find the best way for you.

We find the right solution for your needs

Warehousing & Fulfilment Services​

Warehousing & Fulfilment Services​

A warehousing solution with us can help your business in many ways:
We’ll take good care of your international deliveries. Your item will be delivered directly to your customer’s mailbox – making the delivery secure and convenient for both them and you. You get both reach and efficiency of the global postal system when you use Merchandise Mail Plus or MyPack.

Our commitment to you is to provide an excellent package preparation service – our attention to detail will ensure you have loyal customers for your brand. We have warehouse space in Asia, Europe and the USA, and we are ready to prepare and ship your orders worldwide. Using our fulfillment service is a great option if you don't want to deal with shipping, or if you've grown beyond your existing warehousing capabilities.

Depending on your needs when outsourcing to us we will do everything – or up to the level you need.

• You gain greater customer satisfaction because you deliver faster to the local market
• Your customs duties and VAT will be pre-paid
• You can focus on selling because we take care of the physical handling & returns
• You don’t need to hire staff or own equipment – this means fewer fixed costs
• You save money by having low start-up costs

Our warehouse locations

We currently have warehouses and fulfillment solutions to serve you in these high growth areas.

• Hong Kong – China
• Żerniki – Poland
• London – UK
• New Jersey – USA

Pick & Pack

We generate pick lists from our integrated system, pick products, and pack the way that suits you. We make quality checks, both inbound and outbound, to minimize claims and returns.

Our solutions are based on your specific needs, aiming to give your customer an excellent experience at the point of delivery and unpacking moment.


Our strength is finding the best delivery option for you and the most convenient for your customer. Borders are no obstacles – we deliver all over the world.

Your item will be delivered directly to your customer’s mailbox – making the delivery secure and convenient for both them and you. Utilizing the vast global postal network, you get both reach and efficiency no matter where they are in the world.


We’ve always known the value of a good returns management policy – this is a big reason why we offer returns services in e-commerce hot spots all over the world. Our services can be adapted to meet your returns requirements for speed, frequency and destination. And it’s easy to print your own return labels by using our Direct Link label printing software. Plus, you hold the reigns over your returns with daily status updates.

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