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Global Deliveries

We find the best delivery options to the global markets for you.​

We take good care of your international deliveries. Your item will be delivered directly to your customer’s mailbox – making the delivery secure and convenient for both them and you. You get both reach and efficiency of the global postal system when you use Merchandise Mail Plus.

Customer communication is smooth and customized to your needs.

Country Tracked

You and your customer get confirmation from Direct Link that the item has been received for further processing. Delivery is convenient for your customer. If items are too large for the mailbox, they are sent to a local post office or service point for collection.

This is ideal for items distributed to and within Europe and to key destinations around the world. When the item arrives in the designated country, we notify your customer by email stating the order is ready to be delivered. Not only does your customer get peace of mind but again, this also reduces calls to your customer service center.

Fully Tracked

With this choice, you get even more features. This gives you end-to-end tracking to most key destinations worldwide and, if required, delivery confirmation. Items are signed off by the customer – either at a service point or at their home or office. Insurance is available as an option. With all of these features, this service level is the most secure way to send your item.

We do more for your deliveries


With our tracking system, you know where your items are at all times. It is fast and easy to access by you and your customer regardless of delivery options.

VAT & Customs

VAT & Customs

With global shipping, there is always the complication of customs. Duty, value-added taxes (VAT) and surprise surcharges are always going to be around and customs’ issues can delay a product’s arrival.

However, we have some great solutions for how to overcome these challenges. We’ll find a flexible solution tailored to your shipment and your sales strategy.

• If the value of your shipment is low, we may advise you to send it as single mail items. We can clear freight in bulk and divide it into smaller parcels after passing through customs.

• If the value of your shipment is high, it might be better to get a bulk clearance where you pay duty and VAT for the whole shipment.

The advantage of the high value option is that your customer won’t have to pay any unexpected charges. The cost of duty and VAT is included in the price. By choosing this solution, you will have a satisfied and loyal customer who will come back to buy more from you.
We can also bill you for distribution including duties and VAT, which then allows you to consider these fees when quoting a price to your customer.
We know the right approach to the markets. The main thing to remember is that we are here to help you. We offer quick, clear and comprehensive solutions to all our global destinations.


Make the pre-advice emails work even harder for you by adding your own messages for deals, campaigns or branding purposes.

You have the flexibility to vary your campaign towards different target markets and specific time periods including using local language and graphics. This is all available at your fingertips through the Self-Service Tool.

Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics

We’ve always known the value of a good returns management policy – this is a big reason why we offer returns services in e-commerce hot spots all over the world. Our services can be adapted to meet your returns requirements for speed, frequency and destination. And it’s easy to print your own return labels by using our Direct Link label printing software. Plus, you hold the reigns over your returns by receiving daily status updates.

Print labels using our Self-Service Tool

It’s easy to print your own return labels online, or by using our Direct Link label printing software. Use our Self-service portal to smoothly get and forward the return label to your customer by email.

Post a link on your website

Or place a unique link to enable your customers to print their own return labels directly from your own public web site. Through our Self-service portal you can also receive regular status updates on returned goods or through the event feed that we send to you.


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