Down Under coming out on top – Australia’s international shopping appetite

Down Under coming out on top – Australia’s international shopping appetite

Owing to its island geography, it’s not too surprising that Australian shoppers’ goods are delivered from other countries. However, the fact that approximately 70 % of online consumers make purchases from abroad makes Australia’s share of cross-border shoppers one of the world’s highest.

With a population of tech-savvy and digitally mature consumers, mobile e-commerce is growing fast and statistics show that about 30 % of smart phone and tablet users have made online purchases via their devices. And when it comes to digital gadgets, Australians are not lacking – 49 % own more than five devices such as computers, smart phones and tablets. Of course, these devices also want to be purchased and then put to good use, and 65 % of its 20 million inhabitants older than 15 years are online consumers.

Australian e-commerce and cross-border shoppingWhen ordering from abroad, Australians usually need not worry about import or duty taxes. Foreign purchases are exempted from tax up to a value of AUD 1000, making online bargain-hunting overseas quite attractive. Other reasons Australian e-commerce shoppers buy cross-border is a bigger product selection and availability than what they can get at home. Currently, the US, UK and China are the most favored overseas markets. The dominant categories for cross-border shopping are Books, CDs, Clothing & Footwear, Digital Cameras and Cosmetics.

Australian consumers have come to accept that cross-border deliveries will have a longer delivery time. On the other hand, however, they are quite sensitive to costs associated with delivery. Most cross-border shoppers expect low-cost delivery as well as free returns. Card payments are most common, with around 85 % of Australian online consumers preferring to pay with credit or debit card.

Key Statistics

Population: 24 million
Language: English
Currency: Dollar (AUD)
GDP: USD 1.24 trillion
Internet Penetration: 85%

Olof Källgren, Market Information Manager, Direct Link