Build customer loyalty through extraordinary shopping experiences

Build customer loyalty through extraordinary shopping experiences

We know loyalty is created by a customer’s continuous experience of excellence. The entire buying experience must be positive in order to satisfy a customer, i.e. from marketing, to the actual purchase, the product itself, the delivery process, and lastly the follow-up. Im going to focus on delivery – how do you get more satisfied customers and build loyalty?

A purchase is not finalized just because you click the buy button. Rather, it is first when the item is delivered and the customer starts using it that the purchase is over. It’s also apparent that deliveries are becoming an increasingly important part of the whole buying experience. Some people like tracking their parcel from the moment it is sent until it is delivered, while for others, delivery is a little bit like Christmas, and a third group wants delivery to be as fast as possible. A good delivery experience means more satisfied customers who are likely to come back to the same shop again. Adding value for customers is something that builds loyalty. Let customers track their goods, offer that little bit of extra service at time of delivery, or get the goods to customers faster than expected.

When it comes to today’s consumers, many lead a hectic life and they want deliveries to match their schedules. Consumers do not want to take extra time from work or travel to a pickup point far away from their usual routes in order to collect their package or parcel. Offering different delivery options is much appreciated, gives customers the chance to choose how they want to receive their goods, and leads to increased conversion rates.

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Customers want to be able to determine the specifics of of their package delivery, i.e. if delivery should be express or should occur on a specific day or time. All customers have different needs, and therefore there is no one “correct” way. And the customer can also change their mind depending on the type of product, size of the package or on the basis of activities and plans. Further complicating things is that sometimes the consumer wants the package delivered directly in the mailbox, while at other times the service point or workplace is preferred. But to offer different delivery options is also increasingly a must-have, because if you don’t and customers are not offered the right delivery method or the ability to choose, they will take their business elsewhere.

How to deliver is just as important as what’s delivered

When it comes to loyalty, you need to deliver “the 1+ experience”. This means that whatever the customer needs, deliver that and go the extra mile (without becoming unreasonabe, of course).

Listed below are some steps to strengthen your brand and build loyalty.

  1. Options that the customer did not expect
  2. A surprise in the package, or a stylish, expressive and carefully prepared package
  3. Ability to track packages – many customers want control and to be able to trace their goods
  4. Smooth returns – reduce obstacles for shopping online
  5. Simplify deliveries – is it possible to subscribe to the product, or does the customer want to be reminded after a few months that they may want to make another purchase, etc.?


Carin Blom, retail analyst, PostNord Sweden