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As part of PostNord, the largest provider of logistics solutions and geographical coverage in the Nordic countries, we at Direct Link are specialists in customer-specific delivery solutions and the distribution of e-commerce goods to anywhere in the world. For us, global deliveries means reaching every single home in every part of the world. Operating internationally since 1986, we know the people, the systems, and the ways between.

Global Network: Delivering to over 190 countries across the globe each day and every country worldwide on a weekly basis. We will manage your deliveries no matter destination.

Shipping: We deliver over 62 million items per year.

Accurate Tracking: We offer complete tracking services so you and your customers know the precise location of the

Competitive Pricing: Cost-effective shipping solutions tailored to your company’s needs

Customer service: When we say that you, our customers, come in firsthand, we really mean it. This is what you, as a Direct Link customer, can expect from us. Becoming a Direct Link customer means that you’re in for a nice customer experience!

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Shipping made easy

We provide you with the best international delivery options

International delivery services

We know there are no standardized needs in deliveries. That’s why we will never settle for standardized solutions. Thanks to a wide variety of parcel services, we guarantee that we will find a solution that fits your needs.

Merchandise Mail Plus

You get the reach and efficiency of the global postal system as your item is delivered in your customer’s mailbox – safe and convenient.

Country Tracked

You and your customer get confirmation from Direct Link that the item has been received for further processing. Delivery is convenient for your customer. If items are too large for the mailbox, they are sent to a local post office or service point for the collection

Fully Tracked

With this choice, you get even more features. This gives you end-to-end tracking to most key destinations worldwide and, if required, a delivery confirmation. Items are signed off by the customer – either at a service point or at their home or office

Added Value

When using Direct Link’s Merchandise Mail Plus service we offer added value by allowing you to place personalized ads embedded in your email tracking alerts.

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