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Direct Link creates solutions for e-commerce; fulfilment, supply chain, warehousing and a wide range of delivery solutions. Our goal is to make you successful by providing a good delivery experience to your customers. We offer pick, pack and deliveries from our strategically located warehouse and fulfilment centers

We make it easy. You send your inventory to us and we do the rest. When your customers place an order, we pick it, pack it and deliver it.

  • Global fulfillment – Gain increased customer satisfaction due to fast deliveries from strategically located warehouses
  • Merging E-commerce Platforms – We work with many other major e-commerce platforms to ensure we are well versed across the board.
  • Stay Competitive – Save money and reduce your fixed costs – no start-up costs, no need to hire staff or invest in equipment
  • Personalized Service – When we say that you, our customers, come in firsthand, we really mean it. This is what you, as a Direct Link customer, can expect from us. Becoming a Direct Link customer means that you’re in for a nice experience!

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