The Netherlands – at the heart of e-commerce

The Netherlands – at the heart of e-commerce

Netherlands - E-commerce statistics: Shopped online more often due to coronavirus: 37%, Average monthly purchase: EUR 164, E-commerce consumers abroad: 66%, E-commerce consumers: 94%, Internet penetration 96%
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The Netherlands is one of the pioneers of e-commerce. Advantageous conditions such as high internet penetration and residents with technical skills have contributed to this. Currently, 94 percent of Dutch citizens state they have shopped online. An important aspect of e-commerce in the Netherlands is the high population density, the short distances within the country and the fact that the Flemish language and culture transcend national borders. This means that the consumer market for Dutch e-commerce companies is larger than the country’s national borders.

Impact of the coronavirus pandemic

Although e-commerce in the Netherlands has been strong for quite some time, it has become even stronger in the past two years. As in most countries, the e-commerce share of total retail sales has grown to encompass more consumer groups, particularly the elderly. While the Netherlands has had periodic lockdowns of both schools and workplaces, the country has also tried to open up society as the more serious impact from the pandemic has gradually declined.

Short delivery times

With a large share of citizens shopping online, the expectations on e-commerce market participants are high. Short delivery times are important to online customers, with the average parcel being delivered in two to three days. The fact that the country is small in size simplifies logistics.


Unlike in several other European countries, Amazon is not the most popular marketplace. Instead, three out of four Dutch consumers visit the domestic website at least once a month. Like Amazon, it is a one-stop shop where virtually anyone can set up a seller account.

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Olof Källgren, Market Information Manager, Direct Link