The good old mailing in the time of big data

The good old mailing in the time of big data

A few weeks ago in June, Direct Link attended the CO-REACH fair in Nuremberg, Germany. CO-REACH started as a classic (print) dialogue marketing fair but is now trying to shift to become a meeting point for all relevant print, online and cross-media professionals.

CO-REACH fair 2017
Photo: NürnbergMesse

In an e-commerce-driven world where postal organisations are complaining about a constant decrease in classic mailings and letter volumes, there was a somewhat old-school atmosphere in the exhibition halls. However, measuring the importance of mailings only by their amount is short-sighted.

Sure, the time when companies spent millions of their budget on unprecise target groups are over. Marketing specialists are combining all the data they have in order to address the special needs of every customer. The information that retailers are gaining from their own databases and additional big data offered on the market can sometimes be scary, but this provides marketing specialists with unlimited possibilities in approaching and addressing customers in a way they never thought possible ten years ago.

At CO-REACH, we met many of our existing customers but also interested prospects who asked about the possibilities of direct marketing in the Nordics. Talking with these companies, it’s clear to us that classic dialogue marketing is still relevant and can make a difference – both when you’re selling clothing to an urban hipster or a golden ager.

Thus, at the end of the day, lower-volume marketing mailings can result in a much higher ROI when the message is clear and target groups are carefully chosen.

Ulrich Hinz, Sales, Direct Link Germany

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