Strong growth in number of e-commerce consumers

Strong growth in number of e-commerce consumers

Poland - Key e-commerce indicators: Internet penetration 82%, E-commerce consumers: 80%, E-commerce consumers abroad: 55%, Average yearly purchase: EUR 523, Consumer growth since 2014: 28%
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Polish e-commerce is steadily growing. The number of online consumers is still lower than the average in Europe, but it has grown by 28 percent since 2014. In addition, the national Sunday shopping ban introduced in 2018 has given e-commerce an extra push.

Poland’s relatively young e-commerce market is in an expansionary phase and has good growth potential. A large population and a quite strong economic growth in recent years also help to boost Poland as an e-commerce country.

Regarding delivery, Polish consumers have high expectations for low prices, speed and flexibility. Willingness to pay for faster delivery is second highest in Europe, after Italy. As many as 43 percent state they are prepared to pay more for next day delivery. When it comes to payment options, Polish consumers prefer direct bank payments and cash on delivery to a greater extent than other Europeans.

The percentage who make online purchases from abroad is still at a comparatively low level – 55 percent – but has increased by 5 percentage points since last year. Language barriers continue to be an obstacle, as 6 of 10 Polish consumers state that it is important that the online store where they shop should be available in Polish. At the same time, price awareness drives consumers to make international purchases, and China is the most popular market. The second choice is Germany, which can offer effective delivery to Poland because of its geographical location. The domestic marketplace Allegro has a strong position in the market, but both Amazon and Zalando have invested in establishing a local infrastructure in the country.

Olof Källgren, Market Information Manager, Direct Link

Image and information above taken from the latest ”E-commerce in Europe” report.