Spanish e-commerce in focus

Spanish e-commerce in focus

PostNord/Direct Link has conducted studies of the European e-commerce market since 2014, presenting its findings in the report “E-commerce in Europe”. The report is based on interviews with consumers in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. In a series of blog posts, we will take a closer look at the individual e-commerce markets covered by this year’s “E-commerce in Europe 2018”.

Focus on Spain
Spain e-commerce indicators
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The Spanish e-commerce scene has expanded quite dramatically during the last few years. After lagging behind most other European countries it is now starting to catch up. The number of e-commerce consumers, internet penetration and average spend per year is now more or less in line with the European average. The growth in the number of new e-commerce consumers has been very high – 48 percent between 2014 and 2018. The products most commonly bought online in Spain are clothes and footwear, home electronics and books.

Price an important factor

Spain recently underwent a financial crisis, and this has led to price sensitivity among consumers and a burgeoning low-price sector. Spain is one of the countries in Europe where low prices are most highly valued when consumers choose which online shop to buy from. Also, of the markets in Europe, Spain is the one where consumers buy most low-price products from China. Two payment methods totally dominate in Spain – credit cards, and Paypal and its rivals.

Low shipping cost also essential

The Spanish interest in low prices is also reflected when it comes to choice of transport. To nearly seven out of ten online consumers, it’s very important that shipping is free. A large majority of Spaniards also prefer home delivery. Another plus point is if the seller can offer a choice of both delivery time and place. This is more important in Spain than in any other country in the survey.

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Olof Källgren, Market Information Manager, Direct Link