Spain: e-commerce still growing fast

Spain: e-commerce still growing fast

Spain - Key e-commerce indicators: Internet penetration 92%, E-commerce consumers: 90%, E-commerce consumers abroad: 71%, Average yearly purchase: EUR 921, Shopped online more often due to coronavirus: 44%
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The Spanish e-commerce market is one of the fastest growing in Europe, and according to the Direct Link/PostNord survey, 90 percent of the population shops online. Many Spaniards also make purchases in online stores abroad, especially Chinese stores. As many as 40 percent state that they shopped online from China in the past year, which is 11 percentage points higher than the average for Europe.

Both Amazon and Asian competitor Alibaba appear to have noted the growing interest in cross-border online shopping. In 2019, Alibaba chose Spain as  the test market for its first physical AliExpress store in Europe.

Spain was hit early and quite hard by the Corona pandemic which created even further acceleration in e-commerce in 2020. A total of 44 percent of Spanish consumers stated in the survey that they shopped more often during the pandemic, which is the highest proportion among all countries surveyed. Online grocery shopping had the largest increase.

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Olof Källgren, Market Information Manager, Direct Link