Spain: Clothing and footwear unchallenged as top e-commerce categories

Spain: Clothing and footwear unchallenged as top e-commerce categories

Spain e-commerce statistics: Shopped online more often due to coronavirus: 52%, Average monthly purchase: EUR 121, E-commerce consumers abroad: 71%, E-commerce consumers: 92%, Internet penetration 94%
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Spain is one of the Western European countries that previously lagged somewhat behind in e-commerce, but now is one of the fastest growing markets. Today, 94% of Spaniards have access to the internet, and 92% have made a purchase online. Just like in Italy, the EU has been a key player in the roll-out of digital infrastructure, enabling a single digital market and better exchange of goods and services online.

Amazon is the favorite marketplace of Spanish consumers, and the company also launched its Amazon Fresh concept in the country in 2021. The service offers Prime customers home delivery of fresh produce on the day the order is placed. This new addition increases pressure on the second most popular marketplace, El Corte Inglés. This domestic e-commerce market player was originally a physical department store established throughout Spain. The company offers its customers everything from groceries to clothing and pet products.

There are various theories as to why Spain historically had a weaker e-commerce market compared to the rest of Europe. A weaker economy in the wake of the financial crisis between 2008 and 2014 is probably one of the reasons. Earlier lower internet usage was also a key factor. Spain is also a peninsula with poorer logistics connections than most other European countries. When it comes to most-purchased products online in Spain, clothing and footwear are clearly number one followed by sports and leisure products and home electronics.

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Olof Källgren, Market Information Manager, Direct Link