Peak-end rule – why delivery is so important

Peak-end rule – why delivery is so important

Are you working very hard to always give your customers the best experience? According to the Nobel Prize winner in Economics, Daniel Kahneman, it’s enough to give them a peak and a good last experience.

How come that a low-cost airline and British Airways customers are equally satisfied? The answer is obvious when you hear it. It’s all about the expectations we have for a company and a brand. And these expectations are a tool we can work with.

“We humans are negatively conditioned. To find fault is in our DNA since the Stone Age. Being skeptical of, for example, different berries could save us from dying of poisoning,” says Jordan Berkowitz, Creative Business Partner EMEA at Google.

Daniel Kahneman, researcher "Peak-end rule"
Daniel Kahneman

Research says that if you give the customer a bad experience, you must give five good experiences to weigh up, which really is an impossible level to hold. But luckily, we humans have a bad memory. That is why you don’t have to give excellent experiences all the time. It’s enough with a peak and a good ending. This is called the peak-end rule and was created by the Nobel Prize winner in Economics, Daniel Kahneman.

As an entrepreneur, you cannot always influence every part of your customer experience, but if you can create the last impression, take the opportunity.
For example, an airline has no influence on how customers are treated in passport control. Say that the airline would have a person meeting you just after the less fun experiences to empty the pockets and be scanned by a machine. One person who offered a bottle of water and welcomed you to the flight. “Regardless of queues and controls, the experience of the airport visit would be positive at the end,” said Jordan Berkowitz.

The peak-end rule is why packaging and delivery are so crucial for getting satisfied customers who spread the word about your brand. A bad delivery experience can break the legs of everything you’ve done before. A good delivery can boost your brand significantly.

So what is a good delivery? What do the customers expect? It is vital for e-tailers to know and several studies have been published on this topic. Every year, PostNord produces comprehensive studies on the Nordic e-commerce and European e-commerce market. These reports can be ordered from our reports page.

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