IRCE 2016 – three important takeaways

IRCE 2016 – three important takeaways

The Internet Retailer Conference Exhibition, IRCE, is held every year in the USA and gives a good opportunity to learn more about what’s new in the e-commerce world. One of this year’s major topics during the conference was Amazon.


As Amazon accounts for 33 percent of all e-commerce in the US, this behemoth is something all actors need to relate to. Everyone is talking about how to utilize Amazon in the best possible way. Marketplaces are growing around the world, but are still not nearly as big as in the US. However, the international competition is increasing, and the more e-tailers sell abroad, the more they should consider marketplaces.

IRCE conference
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Another trend this year is the customer perspective, or rather the importance of having one. It has been a big topic for several years, but this year has shown more proof and more practical examples of the importance of focusing on customers. The more personalized the shopping experience is and the more engaged customers are in your brand, the more loyal they become. Put the customer first at all times and place yourself in their shoes.


Omni-channel retailing is no longer a distant buzzword but instead is now a reality, and several brands and retailers are integrating their different channels. Their stores enable digital growth, and vice versa.


To summarize, my most important takeaways from this year’s IRCE conference were:

  1. Use marketplaces for increased traffic and conversion
  2. Put the customer first at all times
  3. Integrate different sales channels for maximum effect and customer experience


Carin Blom, ecommerce expert and retail analyst at PostNord