Kidbox keynote speech from IRCE 2017

Kidbox keynote speech from IRCE 2017

E-commerce is getting more personalized each day. And listening to Miki Berardelli, founder and CEO of Kidbox, makes you quite convinced that this is the way to go.

Kidbox’s concept is to offer parents of children between 2–14 years of age a box containing clothing and shoes that the kids probably would like to wear – before they know so themselves. The customer relation starts with parents and kids sitting down in front of the computer and together answering a “style quiz”. What interests the children have, if they like any specific fashion brands, what activities they enjoy in their spare time, and so on.

This style quiz is designed to take not longer than 3 minutes to complete. When that is done, customers place their order and wait. At that point, intelligent technology in the form of machine-learning algorithms take over. Kidbox then puts together a mix of apparel pieces from different brands for the individual customer based on personal preferences and interests from the quiz.

After about 7 business days, the first box arrives, addressed to the child. The cost of shipping and returns are included in the price of the box.
After unpacking and trying on everything at home, parents and children decide together if they want to keep all the items in the box or if some of them should be returned.

Kidbox was founded as recently as early 2016 but has already attracted a high number of repeat customers. Their success has probably also been helped by the corporate social responsibility shown by the company – for every Kidbox purchase, a new outfit is delivered to a child in need via a charity organization chosen by the customer.

This surely is an interesting concept that combines the best of personalization, artifical intelligence, and CSR, and could be of important inspiration for other e-tailers.

Olof Källgren, Market Information Manager, Direct Link

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