Incident Bulletin 9th of April 2021

This week’s bulletin contains the latest information about Belgium, Bermuda, Chile, Czech Republic, France, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Mauritius, New Caledonia, Peru.



Start date: 26 March 2021
Expected end date: 25 April 2021
Incident: Coronavirus

The designated operator of Belgium, bpost, asks us to inform that, on 24 March 2021, given the impact of the third wave of the pandemic, the Belgian government announced a new lockdown from 26 March at 22.00 until at least 25 April 2021. 

Bpost is making every effort to ensure the continuity of all services and the delivery of letter post, parcels, daily newspapers and registered letters, as well as collection from post boxes. However, the lockdown measures in place for certain categories of staff across Belgium prevent full compliance with delivery times and collection of the addressee’s signature, and may thus result in processing and delivery delays.

bpost will continue to provide its services according to safety guidelines, but all letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items requiring signature on delivery will, until further notice, be delivered against the postal worker’s signature in place of the customer’s (in the customer’s presence).

In addition, bpost cannot currently accept letter-post or parcel-post items for destinations to which there is no transport capacity. The list of destination countries available is liable to change and is accessible here:


Start date: 31 March 2021
End date: ongoing
Incident: Coronavirus

The designated operator of Bermuda, Bermuda Post Office, informs that staff at Bermuda’s office of exchange have been asked to self-quarantine until advised by local health authorities to return to work.

This is having a direct impact on the service quality and operations of the Post.

Therefore, Bermuda Post Office is declaring a situation of force majeure owing to COVID-19 and, in particular, the inability to pick up international mail from the airport, and to transport, process and deliver mail locally. 


Start date: 7 April 2021
End date: ongoing
Incident: Coronavirus

The designated operator of Chile, CorreosChile, informs that, owing to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, the Government of Chile has implemented new restrictions and Chile’s borders have been closed.

In view of these governmental restrictions, passenger flights have been suspended. Postal services in the region will therefore be suspended until further notice.

However, cargo flights will continue to operate. Postal services dependent on such flights will continue only if the relevant UPU delivery bill (CN38, CN41 or CN47) is used when sending dispatches to Chile, in accordance with the Acts of the Union. In the absence of this mandatory documentation, CorreosChile will be unable to consider any such dispatches as UPU-compliant international postal flows or to process them accordingly. 

Czech Republic

Start date: 28 March 2021
Expected end date: 11 April 2021
Incident: Coronavirus

The designated operator of the Czech Republic, Česká pošta, would like to inform that, owing to the current situation with regard to COVID-19, the Czech Government has extended the state of emergency for a further 14 days, with effect from 28 March 2021.

Česká pošta will continue to provide postal services in line with public health measures and other restrictions, but will be operating with a reduced workforce. The processing and delivery of all types of inbound and outbound mail (letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items) will continue to be affected, and Česká pošta is unable to guarantee compliance with the agreed standards.

The situation of force majeure previously notified is being extended until further notice. 


Start date: 3 April 2021
Expected end date: 2 May 2021
Incident: Coronavirus 

The designated operator of France, La Poste, informs that the President of the French Republic is announcing a new containment from April 3rd until May 2nd, 2021.

Due to the progression of the 3rd epidemic wave of Covid-19, reinforced measures have been put in place in the most impacted territories since Saturday, March 20th, 2021 (following Decree No. 2021-296 of March 19th, 2021.

They have been extended to the entire territory since the morning of Sunday, April 4th, 2021 and for 4 weeks.
On the whole metropolitan territory, only certain businesses can open and travel, with some exceptions, is limited. Day care centers, schools, colleges and high schools have been closed since Friday evening, April 2nd, 2021.

The following measures are in place:
-Curfew from 7pm to 6am everywhere in France;
-Systematized telework 4 days a week minimum for all private and public jobs where it is possible;
-No inter-regional travel except for compelling reasons
-No daytime travel beyond 10 km from home except for compelling reasons.

La Poste is doing its utmost to ensure the continuity of its activity and the satisfaction of its customers; however, it would like to inform that the application of these new measures could have an impact on the respect of the delivery standards and the deadlines can still not be guaranteed. 


Start date: 16 March 2020
End date: 9 April 2021
Incident: Coronavirus 

The designated operator of Israel, Israel Postal Company, would like to inform that the lockdown has now ended.

However, the restrictions in terms of service standards and application of force majeure announced previously remain in place. 


Start date: 18 March 2020
End date: 7 April 2021
Incident: Coronavirus

The designated operator of Latvia, Latvijas Pasts, informs that the Latvian Government has lifted the state of emergency with effect from 7 April 2021.

As a result, certain restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have been relaxed, and the situation of force majeure previously declared is closed.

However, owing to the cancellation of flights and certain safety measures that remain in place, the processing of inbound and outbound postal items may still be subject to significant delays. 


Start date: 17 March 2020
Expected end date: 30 April 2021
Incident: Coronavirus

Lietuvos paštas asks us to inform that the Lithuanian Government has extended the full country lockdown till 30th April 2021 to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Restrictions on travelling between municipalities for non-essential reasons remain in place at least until 6th April 2021.

While such measures remain in place, postal services will be operating under certain restrictions, such as a reduced workforce to minimize physical contact between people. Items normally requiring the addressee’s signature upon delivery can be handed over without signature.

The processing and delivery of all types of inbound and outbound mail (letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items) will continue to be affected, and Lietuvos paštas is unable to guarantee compliance with the usual delivery standards. 


Start date: 16 March 2020
Expected end date: 30 April 2021
Incident: Coronavirus

The designated operator of Mauritius, Mauritius Post, wishes to inform that, in response to a significant number of new COVID-19 infections, the Government of Mauritius has extended the current lockdown until 30 April 2021.

While reinforcing measures to minimize the spread of the virus, the Mauritian government has also announced a partial resumption of economic activities from 1 April 2021, under the strict conditions of the Quarantine Act 2020.

Postal services will be limited to the payment of pensions to senior citizens until 10 April. All postal activities will resume from 12 April.

However, the extension of the lockdown will have a direct impact on postal operations. Although the airport remains open, international air traffic is still limited to a few airlines. Consequently, as long as the lockdown is in place, Mauritius Post will be unable to collect and send outbound mail for certain destinations. The processing and delivery of all types of mail will continue to be affected, and Mauritius Post is unable to guarantee compliance with the agreed standards. 

New Caledonia

Start date: 9 March 2021
End date: 11 April 2021
Incident: Coronavirus

The designated operator of New Caledonia, OPT-NC, informs that the gradual lifting of lockdown measures will be complete as of 11 April 2021.

As a result, letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items requiring the addressee’s signature on delivery will once again be handed over against the addressee’s signature and, as appropriate, verification of the addressee’s identity. 


Start date: 17 March 2020
End date: ongoing
Incident: Coronavirus

The designated operator of Peru, Servicios Postales del Peru S.A. (SERPOST), informs that SERPOST is taking the necessary steps to re-establish service levels and restore normal operations for all types of mail (letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items), including the delivery of mail on the national territory. In addition, the air transport sector is steadily recovering, allowing SERPOST to lift the force majeure previously declared with respect to the acceptance and processing of international items.

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