Incident bulletin 9th March 2018

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This week’s bulletin contains updates about: European Services, Ireland, USA, China, Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Bolivia and Brazil.


European Services

Start date: 27th February
Updated:   6th March

Impact from heavy snow fall has subsided with most major roads re-opened and flights resumed. However, driving conditions can still be difficult in some parts of Europe, couple with any possible back log from last week; it is likely that some delay may still be observed.
Road despatches to countries potentially impacted were: France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden on all mail and parcel products with impact likely to be an extra day minimum depending on local conditions.
Other countries also impacted were: Romania, Croatia & Eastern European Countries.


Start date: 26th February
Updated:   9th March

Mail and parcel processing are nearly back to normal. However, there are some areas in Ireland where roads weren’t accessible until yesterday, compounding with higher volumes from Ireland domestic customers as a result of last week’s shut down, some delivery delays are expected, but should be back to normal service after the weekend.


Start date:                  7th March
Estimated end date:   10th March

The North Eastern region of the USA has been hit with winter storms with near-blizzard conditions since 7th March and this has resulted in many flights being cancelled including all three key airports serving the New York area (JFK, LGA, ALB) having flights cancelled.  As a result of this, transit and delivery times will be affected until the situation returns to normal.


Start date:                 6th March
Estimated end date: 13th March

Please be advised that as a result of the 13th National People’s Congress being held in Beijing (China), deliveries to the following provinces will be delayed until 13/03/2018:
Hebei, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Shanxi, Liaoning, Chifeng, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Tianjin and Beijing.

French Polynesia

Start date: 6th March

The postal operator of French Polynesia has advised that the delivery of inbound and outbound mail will be severely disrupted due to industial action. As a result, significant delays can be expected until the strike ends.


Start date:                    5th March
Estimated end date:     11th March

Severe weather in some parts of Queensland Australia is impacting the collection and delivery of all mail products for the following postal codes: 4737 – 4895.
As a result, delivery delays can be expected for letters and parcels for the next few days in these areas.

New Zealand

Start date:                    7th March
Estimated end date:     8th March

Due to Health and Safety Reasons New Zealand Post has shut down their Operations Area at the International Mail Centre for  Wednesday 7th March, therefore there may be 24 hour processing delays.


Start date:                    7th March
Estimated end date:     19th March

Postal services to Bolivia will be suspended until 19 March 2018 as a change of the designated postal operator in the country is underway.


Start date:                    7th March
Estimated end date:     9th March

Please be advised Brazil has announced another customs strike in country. Clearance delays are to be expected up until Thursday 8th March. Normal services are expected to resume on Friday 9th March.
































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