Incident bulletin 8th March 2019

Incident bulletins are sent weekly with information about situations that affect postal distribution.

This week’s bulletin contains updates about: USA, Spain, Great Britain, France, Germany, Finland, The Netherlands..



Start date: 8th March
End date: 9th March

Strike affects postal operations: Correos indicated that a general strike on the occasion of International Women’s Day, planned for March 8, is anticipated to severely affect postal operations in Spain. All inbound and outbound processes are expected to be affected for 24 hours.

Great Britain

Start date:  4th March
End date:  4th March

Storm Freya impacts road traffic: flooding caused by storm Freya has affected road traffic in the United Kingdom, particularly in Wales, South West, West Midlands and North West regions. Flooding and power outages have led to the closure of sections of the M4 and A465 motorways.


Start date:  7th March
End date:  7th March

Strike action further affects truck traffic: a strike by the French customs workers continues and further affects truck traffic through the Eurotunnel and the Calais area. Around 7,000 trucks are expected to be impacted by the strike on March 7.


Start date:  7th March
End date:   Ongoing

Strong winds affect ground transportation: strong winds across Germany might disrupt ground transportation. For Saxony-Anhalt and Southern Bavaria states, extreme wind warnings were issued with the possibility of gusts of up to 160 km/h, which could cause power cuts and infrastructural damage.


Start date:  4th March
End date:   11th March

Lockout affects airport operations: group representing air traffic controllers plans to impose a one-week lockout at eight Finnish airports for March 4 and March 11. Flight disruptions are likely to occur.

United States

Start date:  4th March
End date:   Ongoing

Airport operations disrupted due to heavy snow: heavy snowfall has affected airport operations at Boston Logan International Airport in Massachusetts, United States. Several flights were cancelled or delayed due to the closure of multiple runways. No timeline as to when the situation would normalize has immediately been provided.

Roads closed following two tornadoes: several roads have been closed following the landing of two tornadoes in Eastern Alabama in the United States. Widespread power outages and infrastructure damages were reported, with portions of the AL-51 and I-185 being closed.

Technical problems

Start date:  4th March
End date:   5th March

Postal operations back to normal: PostNL indicated that postal operations have resumed in the evening of March 5 following disruption caused by IT issues.


Start date:  6th March
End date:   6th March

Postal operations resume following IT issues: On March 6, La Poste reported that postal operations have resumed following IT issues. Transmission for inbound and outbound dispatches has been back to normal.

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