Incident bulletin 7th June 2019

Incident bulletins are sent weekly with information about situations that affect postal distribution.

This week’s bulletin contains updates about: Netherlands, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Russia, Brazil, USA, Estonia.



Start date: 29th May
End date: 30th May

Multiple unions call for nationwide strike: CNV, FNV and VCP trade unions have called for a nationwide strike across the Netherlands on May 29. Transportation, police and aviation services have been disrupted.


Start date: 2nd June
End date: Ongoing

Flooding disrupts road traffic: Media sources are reporting on June 3 that flooding following heavy rainfall has caused road traffic disruptions across Jalisco State in Mexico. In addition, a river overflow in San Gabriel damaged infrastructure and made most roads in the area impassable.


Start date: 4th June
End date: 30th June

Pilot shortage affects flights: Jetstar Japan will cancel several flights throughout the month of June due to a shortage of pilots. Flight cancellations will affect 58 domestic flights from Tokyo-Narita and Sapporo airports and 12 international flights.

Start date: 4th June
End date: Ongoing

Adverse weather affects airport operations: low visibility and thunderstorms have affected flight operations at multiple airports in the Kyushu and Okinawa areas. Japan Airlines has issued an advisory warning for June 4. No further information as to when the weather situation would improve has been disclosed.


Start date: 4th June
End date: Ongoing

Severe weather causes disruptions: severe weather has been causing significant disruption and delays along the major roads in New South Wales, Australia. Additionally, flight operations at Sydney Airport have been affected by strong winds and heavy rainfall.


Start date: 12th June
End date: 13th June

Celebrations to affect road traffic: significant disruption to road traffic is expected across Russia due to Russia Day celebrations on June 12. The largest events are planned to take place in Moscow from 5:30 pm to 10 pm local time, likely causing transportation delays.


Start date: 14th June
End date: 15th June

Truck drivers to go on strike: a group of truckers’ unions in Brazil called for a 24-hour nationwide strike on June 14. The strike concerns ongoing developments around working conditions and fuel prices and is expected to affect traffic on the day of the strike.

United States

Start date: 5th June
End date: 6th June

Power outage affects flights at LAX: Media sources indicate that a power outage on June 5 led to operational disruptions at the Los Angeles International Airport. Several flights were cancelled or delayed. The situation is expected to return to normal throughout June 6.

Start date: 7th June
End date: Ongoing

Severe weather affects flights: severe weather has been affecting airport operations at Memphis International Airport,Tennessee . Thunderstorms have interrupted flying and landing which has caused flight delays. No timeline as to when the weather situation would improve was provided.


Technical problems


Start date: 31st May
End date: Ongoing

IT issues disrupt postal operations: On June 4, Estonian postal company Omniva indicated that it has been facing postal disruptions due to IT issues. The IPS XML Import service has been suspended and is causing backlogs. Additionally, since May 31, the transmission of MRD events have also been affected. No timeline as to when the operations would resume has been disclosed.


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