Incident bulletin 7th December 2018

Incident bulletins are sent weekly with information about situations that affect postal distribution.

This week’s bulletin contains updates about: European Road Services, USA, Australia and Reunion.


European Road Services

Start date: 5th December
End date: 9th December

Due to increased cross-channel traffic, check-in and crossing times to Calais have significantly increased. Protestors are also present at the Port of Calais, potentially disrupting the flow of vehicles with blockades. As a result, road services to and from most mainland European and Scandinavian destinations may be impacted.


Start date: 5th December
End date: 6th December

Out of respect to the 41st President of United States, USPS has suspended regular mail deliveries on Wednesday 5 December. Mail operations were expected to return to normal on Thursday 6 December.

Start date: 30th November
End date: ongoing

Media sources indicate that road and infrastructure damage caused by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska, has affected ground transportation in the area since November 30. Several bridges and highways remained closed for repair works, causing traffic jams and likely impacting postal services.


Start date: 28th November
End date: 5th December

Australia Post has updated that heavy rain in Sydney and New South Wales has stopped and flooding subsided. Mail operations are returning to normal, but some delay may still be experienced due to possible backlogs.


Start date: 28th November
End date: ongoing

Although the Fuel protest in mainland France has returned to normal, it appears to have taken hold in Reunion, a French overseas department, with road blocks severely disrupting mail operations. As a result, mail delays are expected in area codes 97400 to 97499.

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