Incident bulletin 6th September 2019

Incident bulletins are sent weekly with information about situations that affect postal distribution.

This week’s bulletin contains updates about: Finland, Belgium, Slovenia, Barbados, Russia, Brazil, Philippines, USA, Thailand, South Korea, Sudan, Malaysia.

Finland – back to normal

Start date: 1st September
End date: 3rd September

The designated operator of Finland, Posti Ltd (FI), informs that the strike ended 3 September, and operations are returning to normal.


Start date: 5th September
End date: 6th September

Change of handling agent causes delays: The Belgian Post Group indicated on September 5 that it has been experiencing delays of up to 24 hours at the Brussels Airport for import, transit and export mail shipped by Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines and Austrian Airlines. This is due to the change of mail handling agent on September 1.


Start date: 8th September
End date: 2nd october

Pilot strike to affect postal services: On Septmber 3, Posta Slovenije indicated that a planned pilot strike at Slovenia’s national air carrier Adria Airways is expected to affect postal services and lead to delays in deliveries across the country. The strike is planned for the following periods: September 8 to 10, September 18 to 20 and September 30 to October 2.


Start date: 26th August
End date: Ongoing

Tropical storm impacts postal services: The Barbados Postal Service indicates on August 27 that all postal services across Barbados have been disrupted since August 26, due to a national shutdown imposed in anticipation of Tropical Storm Dorian. No information as to when postal services will normalize was immediately available.


Start date: 29th August
End date: Ongoing

Adverse weather impacts road traffic: On August 29, media sources indicated that flooding due to heavy rain has disrupted road traffic in at least 15 municipalities of the Primorsky Region, with several roads being inundated. A state of emergency has been declared for the region and it remains unknown when the situation will normalize.


Start date: 2nd September
End date: Ongoing

Truck drivers strike disrupts road traffic: a nationwide strike by truck drivers has been disrupting road transportation across Brazil. The strike action was officially due to begin on September 4 at 6 am local time, however, disruptions associated with the strike have been ongoing since September 2, particularly in Curitiba and Barra Mansa. Roadblocks by truckers are expected to continue to affect ground transportation.


Start date: 2nd September
End date: Ongoing

The designated operator of the Philippines, Philippine Postal Corporation, informs that it is currently experiencing problems with international dispatches conveyed by air.

The processing of outgoing and incoming international mail dispatches will be delayed until further notice. The situation is being actively addressed.

United States – Hurricane Dorian

Start date: 3rd September
End date: Unknown

As reported by the USPS, Hurricane Dorian is bringing high winds and heavy rain to the southeast coast of Florida, and is also expected to impact Georgia, the Carolinas, and southeast Virginia over the coming days. For more information on disruptions to mail service in your area, please visit


Start date: 5th September
End date: Ongoing

The designated operator of Thailand, Thailand Post Co., informs other Union member countries and their designated operators that Tropical Storms Podul and Kajiki, which hit northern and north-eastern parts of Thailand, have caused flash floods in many areas, resulting in delays to mail operations and transportation. The delivery of letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items throughout the following postcode areas is affected to a greater or lesser extent:

32xxx, 34xxx, 35xxx, 37xxx, 40xxx, 45xxx, 64xxx, 65xxx, 66xxx and 67xxx.

South Korea

Start date: 7th September
End date: Unknown

Typhoon Lingling to disrupt mail operations: Korea Post reports on September 6 that Typhoon Lingling is forecast to hit the Korean peninsula by September 7, likely affecting inbound and outbound mail operations. Heavy rainfall and strong wind gusts are expected to affect transportation and delivery throughout the affected area.

Technical Problems


Start date: 4th September
End date: Ongoing

Sudan Post is experiencing technical difficulties owing to network problems.
This IT system disruption has resulted in an interruption of electronic data interchange (EDI). Sudan Post is working to resolve this IT issue as quickly as possible.

Once the problem has been resolved, EDI message backlogs will be cleared as soon as possible.

Malaysia – resolved

Start date: 22nd August
End date: 27th August

Pos Malaysia informs that the technical difficulties with its IT system have been resolved, and that EDI transmissions for all postal services resumed on Tuesday, 27 August 2019.

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