Incident bulletin 6th October 2017

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This week’s bulletin contains updates about:  France, Canada, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Costa Rica and South Africa.



Start date:  21st September
Update:       6th October

French drivers have finished their strike around the Port of Calais now, but there are still extensive delays around Calais and the Channel Tunnel and further disruption is expected. There continues to be delays of up to 36 hours for parcels and import parcels will also be subject to delays of up to 24 hours. This is expected to return to normal after 8th October.


Start date:   3rd October
End date :      ongoing

Canada Post informs about delivery delays in southern Alberta due to severe weather conditions.

New Zealand

Start date:  18th September
Update :       2nd October

New Zealand Post wishes to further advise that Auckland Airport’s aviation fuel rationing continues, however the work to fix the pipeline has been completed. Fuel is now being pumped to the airport, however at a reduced rate. The pipeline should return to 100% flow rates early in 2018. Road transportation of additional fuel to the airport continues to supplement the reduced flows through the pipeline. Airlines are now able to access 80% of their normal fuel allocations and flight cancelations have greatly reduced. New Zealand outbound mail is continuing to transit within normal service delivery expectations. Inbound volumes remain lower than expected with embargos on inbound mail transportation expected to ease in the coming weeks while airlines work to reduce mail which has potentially backlogged on route into New Zealand.


Start date:  2nd October
Update :     ongoing

The designated operator of Vanuatu, Vanuatu Post Limited, wishes to further advise that, with immediate effect, all postal services (letter post, parcel post and EMS) to the island of Ambae (international mail processing centre codes VUVLOD and VUVNDU) have been suspended indefinitely following the eruption of the Manaro volcano and the declaration of a state of emergency by the Government of Vanuatu.

Costa Rica

Start date:  5th October
End date :   ongoing

As a result of Tropical Storm Nate, the Government of the Republic of Costa Rica has declared a state of national emergency. All postal services have thus been suspended as of 5 October 2017. This will lead to delays in the processing and delivery of letter mail, parcels and EMS items.

South Africa

Start date:  5th October

Kindly note with immediate effect that additional customs inspections have been implemented on all shipments to South Africa. Therefore, any shipments that are subject to inspection may experience further delays.











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