Incident bulletin 6th January 2017

This week’s bulletin contains updates about: Italy, Romania, USA and Bangladesh.


Start date: 5th January
End date: ongoing

It has been reported, that parts of Central and Southern Italy have been affected by the bad weather. Heavy snow may cause some delays in the delivery and collection of mail in the following areas: 60XXX, 65XXX, 71XXX, 75XXX, 83XXX, 85XXX, 86XXX.


Start date: 6th January
End date: ongoing

It has been informed that deliveries and collections in the following areas may be delayed due to heavy snowfalls: 120XXX, 620XXX, 800XXX, 810XXX, 820XXX, 900XXX, 910XXX, 920XXX.


Start date: 5th January
End date: ongoing

As a result of a winter storm in the Western United States, there are dangerous travel conditions including heavy snow and icy roads. Delivery delays should be anticipated in affected areas. The storm system is moving eastward and may cause disruptions in additional areas later this week. Parts of California’s higher elevations were counting the snow in feet by Wednesday, and there was still more on the way. In multiple states, avalanches were triggered that were large enough to close roads.


Start date: 3rd January
End date: ongoing

Recently, Bangladesh Customs have witnessed an increase in the number of wrongly declared shipments. This has led the Bangladesh Customs to scrutinize each and every shipment, which is causing delays in the release of shipments.

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