Incident bulletin 3rd May 2019

Incident bulletins are sent weekly with information about situations that affect postal distribution.

This week’s bulletin contains updates about: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Argentina, Mozambique, USA, Japan.



Start date: 26th April
End date: 3rd May

As of this morning the strike in SAS in Sweden, Denmark and Norway has ended.
From Monday 6th of May flights with SAS are expected to be back to normal again.


Start date: 29th April
End date: 30th April

Multiple unions call for nationwide strike: the CNV, FNV and VCP trade unions have called for a nationwide strike across the Netherlands on May 29. Transportation, police and aviation services are expected to be disrupted, but the scale of the impact is still unknown.


Start date: 30th April
End date: 1st – 3rd May

Due to a national strike in Argentina there will be no services in the country for 24 hours. Items will be delivered with an expected delay of 1 – 3 days.


Start date: 25th April
End date: Ongoing

Tropical Cyclone Kenneth causes disruption: Tropical Cyclone Kenneth has made landfall in northern Mozambique on April 25, causing widespread damage and disruption. Sporadic power outages as well as flooding have been reported, leaving a number of roads inundated. The Cyclone is expected to bring heavy rains in the area for several days.

United States

Start date: 1st May
End date: Unknown

Emergency Declaration issued: an emergency declaration was issued for Upstate New York due to the threat of flooding along Lake Ontario. Lake levels have continued to increase over the last several weeks due to a combination of heavy rains and spring thaw. No major disruptions have been reported but are possible in the coming days and weeks.

Luxembourg – National Holiday

Start date: 9th May
End date: 10th May

Post Luxembourg (LU) has informed us that starting this year, 9 May will be a national holiday in Luxembourg to celebrate Europe Day.

As result, all mail and parcels to Luxembourg can expect a delivery delay of 24 hours.

Japan – National Holiday

Start date: 27th April
End date: 6th May

Emperor Akihito abdicates on 30 April, Emperor Naruhito replaces him on 1 May 2019. As a result, a 10 day national holiday begins on 27 April and ends on Monday 6 May.

There should be no impact to parcel processing and delivery during the holiday period, but some letter mail may experience delays of up to 3 days.

Technical problems


Start date: 3rd May
End date: Ongoing

La Poste would like to inform: since this morning, La Poste-Colissimo is faced to an IPS issue and parcels may be sent to partners without any announcements nor dispatches.
Their IT team is working on it to solve this issue as soon as possible.


Start date: 30th April
End date: Ongoing

IT issues impact mail delivery: Poste Italiane reported on April 30 that it has been experiencing some issues with its IPS system. Consequently, both inbound and outbound letter mail processes may have been slightly delayed in the past days. Further disruptions are possible until the issue is solved.

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