Incident bulletin 3rd August 2018

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This week’s bulletin contains updates about: Spain, USA, Canada, China, Brazil, Indonesia and Thailand.



Start date:                  29th July
Expected End date:   4th August

It has been reported that ground staff workers unions at Spanish airports have announced a strike starting on July 29 and reportedly ending on August 4. More than 60,000 workers will participate in the strike.


Start date:                  27th July
Expected End date:   unknown

Delays are expected in the delivery of international mail addressed to the areas in the United States of America due to delays in processing at the Office of Exchange (OE) of Los Angeles and a subsequent increase in the backlog.


Start date:                  2nd August
Expected End date:   unknown

Government authorities have issued a tornado warning for Ottawa, Canada, due to a strong thunderstorm moving in the area. Damaging winds, large hail and localized intense periods of rainfall are to be expected. Disruption of road and air traffic is possible.


Start date:                 2nd August
Expected End date:  unknown

Tropical Storm Jongdari, which has left Japan, is currently centered over the East China Sea. Forecasts predict that Jongdari is heading towards the central coast of China, and is expectecd to make landfall over the Shanghai area by August 2 as a tropical storm, likely causing flight delays and cancellations at airports along the coast.


Start date:                 8th August
Expected End date:  unknown

Local media sources indicated on July 30 that postal workers with Correios in Rio Grande do Norte have voted for a strike starting on August 8 over salary increases. Union leaders declared that the strike may escalate to a nationwide level. No further details on when the strike would end have been disclosed.


Start date:                 28th July
Expected End date:  unknown

It has been reported that an earthquake in the Lombok Region has affected communication networks on nearby islands, including communication lines and road networks.


Start date:                 31st July
Expected End date:  unknown

Weather sources are reporting that a nationwide weather alert for heavy rain has been issued since July 31 across Thailand. Authorities have warned about possible landslides and flash floods. Flooded roads are highly expected.







































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