Incident bulletin 30th August 2019

Incident bulletins are sent weekly with information about situations that affect postal distribution.

This week’s bulletin contains updates about: Finland, Hong Kong, USA, Barbados, Brazil, Japan.


Start date: 1st September
End date: 5th September

Postal workers announce strike action: Media sources reported on August 29 that the Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU confirmed that its workers will stage a strike next week. Around 700 parcel workers will go on strike from 10 pm local time on September 1 until the morning of September 5. It remains unknown to what extent the strike will impact postal operations across the country.

Hong Kong

Start date: 24th August
End date: Ongoing

The designated operator of Hong Kong, Hongkong Post informs that a series of public events, resulting in a blockage of streets in major areas of Hong Kong from Saturday, 24 August 2019, is resulting in serious disruption to the processing of all inbound, outbound and local mail (EMS, parcels and letter-post items). The impact is expected to last for a few days.

Hongkong Post thanks all member countries and their designated operators for their understanding. It will inform once the situation has returned to normal.

United States

Start date: 27th August
End date: Ongoing

Adverse weather has affected road traffic across central Oklahoma, United States, with many streets and intersections already flooded. In addition, the National Weather Service has also issued flash flood and tornado warnings for Oklahoma City. No timeline as to when the situation will normalize has been immediately disclosed.
Start date: 29th August
End date: Unknown

Hurricane Dorian to hit Florida: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has declared a state of emergency for 25 counties due to the approaching Hurricane Dorian. The storm is anticipated to strengthen further and make landfall on the east coast of Florida over the weekend. Expect strong winds, heavy rainfall and flooding as well as associated disruptions in the coming days.


Start date: 27th August
End date: 29th August

The designated operator of Barbados, Barbados Postal Service, informs that with the approach of Tropical Storm Dorian, Barbados was under national shutdown as of Monday, 26 August. The situation has affected all mail and flights coming into and leaving Barbados.

All postal operations are back to normal since 29 August.


Start date: 26th August
End date: Ongoing

Amazonian fires disrupt air traffic: Local media sources indicated that departures and arrivals have been suspended at Governador Jorge Teixeira International Airport in Porto Velho since the morning of August 26 due to low visibility resulting from the smoke of Amazonian fires. Some flights have been diverted to Eduardo Gomes International Airport but there is no indication as to when flights at Governador Jorge Teixeira International Airport will resume.


Start date: 28th August
End date: Ongoing

Adverse weather impacts road traffic: flooding due to heavy rain has disrupted several parts of Kyushu, with the Fukuoka, Saga, and Nagasaki Prefectures impacted the most. Several roadways are reportedly inundated with water and the Japan Meteorological Agency has issued its highest level warning for flooding and landslides for the region.

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