Incident bulletin 2nd March 2018

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This week’s bulletin contains updates about: United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Chad, Brazil a Indonesia.


United Kingdom

Start date: 28th February

Significant snowfall has caused major disruptions to transport services across much of the United Kingdom. Royal Mail has closed Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth depots overnight and delivery service guarantees nationwide have been suspended on March 1. Congestion at the channel crossings was also causing delays for all Royal Mail export services to mainland Europe.


Start date: 28th February
Update:     1st March

Ireland is experiencing a severe weather event with snow storms already causing major disruption. This is the worst such weather since 1982 and The Irish Meteorological Service has issued a National Red Alert Warning for most of the country. As a consequence, all mail and parcel operations are suspended with immediate effect, and until further notice.


Start date: 28th February

Due to bad weather and snow, transportation of inbound and outbound flows is impacted since 28/02/2018. 34 departments of France are impacted for collection and delivery. Domestic flights have been canceled or diverted from/to Marseille, Nice, Montpellier, Lyon and Corsica. Road traffic is very difficult with trucks blocked on several roads. Mails and parcel flows are impacted, delays are expected.


Start date: 2nd March

Due the bad weather conditions during the last few days with lots of snow and heavy wind at the east coast, it will be delays in the distribution of letters and parcels within zip code area 20-24,27,28-29,36-39.


Start date: 1st March

Southern parts of Denmark are facing severe weather conditions. Due to snowstorms, delivery and collection of mail in the region can suffer minor delays. This affects the postal codes 3700-3799 and 4600-4899.


Start date: 26th February

Snowfall in northern Germany has impacted road and rail freight movements transiting through Germany, in particular in northern Germany. This is likely to have an impact on shipments which transit Germany for final destinations in central and southern Europe.


Start date: 26th February

Heavy snowfall is currently impacting transport across mainland Italy.Regions affected include the following, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Toscana, Umbria, Lazio, Marche, Abruzzo, Molise, Campania and Puglia. Driving bans are limiting the use of larger vehicles, therefore this may affect the arrival of parcels into delivery depots.


Start date: 27th February

Snow storms in Catelonia, Spain, has limited traffic in the region. Some deliveries might suffer delays due to a heavy traffic ban or poor road conditions locally.


Start date: 26th February

Romania has been dealing with heavy snow storms since 26th February. Delays in mail delivery services expected for the affected regions as there is limited road access.


Start date: 27th February

Due to severe winter conditions in Bulgaria, delays can be expected in the collection and delivery of all mail products in the region.


Start date: 23rd February

Heavy snowfall in Croatia can suffer minor delays for traffic to and from the region.


Start date: 1st February
Update:     26th February

Société Tchadienne des Postes et de l’Epargne has updated that the strike by postal staff is still ongoing. Processing of outgoing items remains suspended, but some incoming items are now being processed in the capital, N’Djamena.


Start date:                    28th February
Estimated end date:     2nd March
Brazil has announced another customs strike in country. Clearance delays are to be expected up until Thursday 1st March.


Start date:                    February
Estimated end date:     April

Local sources are reporting that flood-related localized disruptions in Jakarta, Indonesia can be expected to continue in the coming weeks during the ongoing rainy season which normally lasts until April. Heavy rain in early February had caused severe flooding and resulted in significant traffic disruptions on several major roads in the capital city.































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