Incident bulletin 2nd December 2016

This week’s bulletin contains updates about: Israel, Guatemala and Costa Rica.


Start date: 25th November
End date:   30th November

Israel Postal Company Ltd has informed that distribution and collection (Letter-post, Parcels and EMS items) have returned to normal following the massive fires in the area around the city of Haifa. 


Start date: 21st November
End date:  15th January 2017

There is a temporary suspension of international mail services from 21st November 2016 to 15th January 2017. This is due to staffing and logistical difficulties. No mail will be dispatched to Guatemala between these dates.

Costa Rica

Start date: 24th November
End date:   29th November

Postal operations have returned to normal in the affected areas following Hurricane Otto. The extreme weather, which began on November 23rd, had a significant impact on transportation and telecommunications infrastructure and, as a result, the postal network.

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