Incident bulletin 29th November 2019

Incident bulletins are sent weekly with information about situations that affect postal distribution.

This week’s bulletin contains updates about: Euro tunnel delays, Finland, Spain, France, Germany, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Mexico, Jordan.



Finland – end of strike

Start date: 11th November
End date: 27th November

The designated operator of Finland, Posti Ltd, asks us to inform other Union member countries and their designated operators that the strike is over and postal operations are returning to normal as of Wednesday, 27 November 2019.

Posti thanks all Union member countries and their designated operators for their understanding.


Start date: 29th November
End date: 14th December

Correos (Spanish Post) has advised the Climate Change Summit is taking place close to Barajas Airport and Correos HQ. Protests are expected close to the event and also in the financial and business districts of Madrid, with a high security and police presence across the city.

In addition, public transport workers have announced strike action during the summit. Delivery operations are likely to be disrupted as a result, in the districts affected by the protests.


Start date: 25th November
End date: Ongoing

Severe flooding affects road traffic: On November 25, media sources report that severe flooding following heavy rainfall has affected road traffic across southeastern France. Multiple roads are reportedly inundated with water, creating transportation disruptions in various cities, including Le Muy, Roquebrune-sur-Argens, Draguignan and Nice. Additionally, Cannes Mandelieu and La Mole/St Tropez airports are said to be closed until further notice.

Euro tunnel delays

Start date: 28th November
Expected end date: 29th November
French lorry drivers and the National Road Transport Organisation has announced a roadblock at the French-Belgian Border on 28 November 2019 to protest the French Government’s decision to reduce tax relief on commercial diesel fuel.

As a result, this will affect UK outbound mail between France and the Belgian border, and mail transiting through Belgium. A likely delay of 24 hours for mail to Belgium, Germany and Holland can be expected.



Start date: 1st December
End date: Unknown

Transport workers may strike: Industry sources indicated on November 27 that labour union ver.di has called on workers with the forwarders and logistics association VDV to begin industrial action in Hesse on December 1 after wage negotiations ended without an agreement on November 25. The extent of the strike is not yet known but may include parts of FCS Frankfurt Cargo Services’ workforce.


Start date: 3rd December
End date: Unknown

Typhoon to hit northwestern Philippines: Typhoon Kammuri, currently centered in the Phillipine Sea, is moving northwestward towards the Philippines. The storm is likely to strengthen to a Category 3 hurricane on its way to the Philippines and make landfall over the Bicol region as a Category 2 hurricane by the evening of December 3. Expect strong winds, heavy rainfall and flooding in the affected areas.

Hong Kong, China – back to normal

Start date: 8th November
End date: 25th November

The designated operator of Hong Kong (China), Hongkong Post, asks us to inform other Union member countries and their designated operators that postal operations are back to normal.



Start date: 28th November
End date: Ongoing

Severe flooding affects road traffic: flooding following heavy rainfall has caused significant road traffic disruptions across Sinaloa State and Baja California in Mexico since November 28. In particular, roads in Mazatlan and Tijuana are being affected. No timeline as to when the situation will normalize was immediately provided.

Jordan and China

Start date: 28th November

The  designated  operator  of  JORDAN, Jordan Post, wishes to inform the designated operators of other Union  member  countries  that,  in accordance  with the  customs clearance procedures prescribed  by  the Jordanian customs  authority for inbound international mail items containing  goods,  the addressee’s  mobile phone  number is  of vital importance. Once the item is received by Customs, the addressee will be contacted for further customs declaration and payment of customs
duties and taxes. The addressee’s mobile phone number will serve as the only credential  for  login  purposes in the customs declaration system. Meanwhile, in an effort to improve customer experience  and enhance  delivery performance, Jordan Post  has  been  asking  mail couriers to contact addressees in advance to arrange a specific time for  delivery  before  they  go  out  to deliver.  If  the  addressee’s
mobile phone number is not available, the overall delivery performance  will be severely affected. Therefore,  all  designated operators  are  requested to inform  their staff  and  customers that, wherever possible, the  mobile  phone  number  of  the addressee  should be provided on the CN 22, CN 23 or CP 72 customs declaration forms for all letter  post,  parcel  post  and  EMS items containing goods destined for Jordan.


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