Incident bulletin 26th January 2018

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This week’s bulletin contains updates about: France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Poland, USA, China and Japan.



Start date:                   25th January

Several areas in France are experiencing floods since 24/01 due to heavy rainfall. The Parisian neighborhood of Villeneuve-Saint-George has been evacuated due flooding. Several departments in France are on high alert due to rising water levels.


Start date:                   20th January

Swiss Post has advised that heavy snowfall has been affecting roads and train transportation in the cantons of Wallis (39xx), Uri (64xx) and Graubünden (75xx), since 20 January. As a result, all mail services can expect delays with duration dependent on the level of snow and local condition.

Italy, Spain, Poland

Start date:                   26th January

Delays may be expected for mail sent to Italy, Poland and Spain as postal operations in these countries have yet to normalise after the year-end peak season.


Start date:   4th January
Update:       24th January

The heavy snowstorm that affected the Mid-Atlantic and North Eastern USA still continues to have an impact on airports and mail operation within the region. Mail is being uplifted to JFK in good time but deliveries may still be out of sequence due to previous flight cancellations, diversions and local delivery constraints. As result, all mail types can continue to expect delays of 3 to 4 days. However, it is expected that normal service will have resumed towards the end of January.


Start date:                      15th February
Estimated end date:       21st February

From the 15th until the 21st of February there will be Chinese New Year and Spring Festival celebrations in China. Local deliveries in China are expected to be delayed during this period due to extreme volume increase.


Start date:   25th January

Heavy snowfall in the Tokyo region has caused flight cancellations and disrupted traffic. Deliveries can suffer minor delays.



























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