Incident bulletin 26th April 2019

Incident bulletins are sent weekly with information about situations that affect postal distribution.

This week’s bulletin contains updates about: Canada, Romania, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, China, Philippines, South Africa, Israel.



Start date: 22nd April
Expected end date: 28th April

River flooding disrupts road traffic: multiple locations have been flooded along the St. John River in New Brunswick, Canada. At least 35 roads have been closed throughout the province. The river is expected to peak on April 23, with water levels likely to recede by the end of the week.


Start date: 26th April
End date: 30th April

Due to planned strike action by handling staff at Bucharest Airport (IATA Code: OTP), Parcel handling is likely to be affected.
As a result, parcel deliveries to Romania may experience a delay during this period. This action, if it commences, is expected to be over on 30 April with normal service resuming.
Any backlogs that build up during the strike period will be subject to delays until cleared.

Further updates will be made as / when they become available.


Start date: 26th April
End date: Ongoing

Flights suspended due to SAS pilot strike: On April 26, Posten Norge AS indicated that a strike by SAS pilots, which has begun in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, will have a severe impact on outbound and inbound shipments. Delivery delays are expected as at least 315 flights have been cancelled so far.


Start date: 21st April
End date: 25th April

Postal services suspended in Qingdao: On April 22, China Post indicated that it will suspend express mail postal services in Qingdao from April 21 to April 25 due to a major celebration. Furthermore, shipping delays for incoming and outgoing mail items are likely due to heightened security measures.


Start date: 22nd April
End date: Ongoing

Postal operations suspended after earthquakes: following a 6.1 earthquake, another severe 6.4 earthquake occurred on Samar Island, Philippines. All postal operations reportedly suspended in Metro Manila and Pampanga provinces on April 23 and delays may occur in Lubao and Porac due to infrastructural damages.

South Africa

Start date: 23rd April
End date: Ongoing

Heavy rainfall disrupts several provinces: heavy rainfall has been reported in several provinces across South Africa. Associated floods and mudslides have been reported particularly in southeast coastal locations between Durban and East London. This is likely to affect ground transportation and cause delivery delays in the affected areas.


Start date: 23rd April
End date: 28th April

Israel is celebrating Passover from Tuesday 23rd April to Friday 26th April. As a result, no deliveries are taking place on these dates.

Normal service will resume back on Sunday 28th April.

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