Incident bulletin 25th January 2019

Incident bulletins are sent weekly with information about situations that affect postal distribution.

This week’s bulletin contains updates about: Euro Tunnel Delays, France, Greece, Spain, USA, Canada, Uruguay and Tonga.


Euro Tunnel delays

Start date: 23rd January
End date: unknown

High demand continues to increase channel crossing traffic and therefore check-in times continue to be significantly extended. As a result, export traffic to and Import traffic from Europe via road services / channel tunnel continue to be delayed by at least an extra 24 hours.
Road dispatches to countries potentially impacted are: France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden on all mail and parcel products with impact likely to be an extra day’s delay.


Start date: 23rd January
End date: unknown

Due to heavy snowfall in the north of France, the postal transport has to deal with traffic disruptions. This has an effect on the delivery of mail and parcels in this area. Deliveries going from Calais to the UK might be delayed as well.


Start date: 21st January
End date: 24th January

The Greek postal operator has informed that the Federation of Postal Associations of Hellenic Post S.A. has announced a 24 hours strike for Wednesday 23 January 2019. As result, mail collection and delivery will be affected until after the strike, with delays potentially continuing for several days after 24 January 2019 due to possible backlogs.


Start date: 22nd January
End date: unknown

Local media sources indicated that road traffic in Northern Spain has been affected by flooding due to snow melt and heavy rainfall. Amber warnings were issued earlier this week for areas west of Navarre, including Bilbao, Leon, Oviedo, Gijon and Santander.


Start date: 20th January
End date: unknown

Media sources report that a winter storm has caused disruption in New York, Pennsylvania and New England, United States, since January 20. The storm has impeded traffic on major roads and thousands of flights have been cancelled or delayed due to limited visibility.


Start date: 21st January
End date: unknown

It has been reported that winter storm has been impacting road traffic across Ontario and Quebec provinces in Canada. Heavy snow, high winds and extreme cold have caused road disruptions and congestion.


Start date: 13th December 2018
End date: 28th January 2019

The designated operator of Uruguay, Correo Uruguayo, asks to inform, that negotiations have been fruitful and that the processing of inward international mail will return to normal on 28 January 2019. From that date onward, all postal items can be forwarded to Uruguay.

Technical problems – Update

Start date: 20th January
End date: unknown

Tonga Post Ltd, asks us to inform that Internet services in Tonga have been down since Sunday evening, 20 January 2019. This problem is a technical fault with Tonga’s submarine cables and is beyond the control of Tonga Post and the Internet service providers.

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