Incident bulletin 24th January 2020

Incident bulletins are sent weekly with information about situations that affect postal distribution.

This week’s bulletin contains updates about: France, Iceland, Italy, Philippines, Canada,Israel, China, Australia, India, Mauritius, Russia, Norway.




Start date: 24th January
End date: 25th January

Strike to disrupt air traffic: On January 22, the USAC-CGT union responsible for air traffic controllers and other technical personnel has called for a strike on January 24. The union previously called for strikes between January 13 and 17, which resulted in the cancellation of 20 to 25 percent of flights. Disruptions are to be expected for inbound and outbound flights.


Start date: 23rd January
Expected end date: 24th January

Due to a storm in Iceland international flights have been cancelled to and from Iceland yesterday, 23rd of January.
It was expected that flights will resume today morning, 24th of January.
Domestically transport to the northern and north-western part of the country was cancelled but it is also expected to resume tomorrow.


Start date: 15th January
End date: 23rd January

Poste Italiane informs all members that, due to the temporary closure of the airport in Bari from January 15th to January 22nd for extraordinary maintenance works, delays may occur in the operations of the following postal flows to/from the regions of Molise, Puglia (Apulia) and Basilicata:

registered and non registered mail items
outbound volumes
inbound expres items

Please be informed Poste Italiane has taken all the possible measures to minimize impact to customers and apologies for any inconvenience which may occur, beyond its control.


Start date: 20st January
End date: Ongoing

Philippine Postal Corporation asks us to inform other Union member countries and their designated operators that, since Sunday, 12 January 2020, it has experienced severe ashfall in the areas of Batangas, Laguna and Tagaytay City in the province of Cavite owing to the activity of Taal Volcano. As a result, some international incoming and outgoing flights were cancelled, leading to delays in the processing of international mail (letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items).

As of Tuesday, 14 January 2020, normal operations were resumed with regard to all outgoing and incoming international flights carrying mail dispatches. Nevertheless, delays are still to be expected in the processing and delivery of international incoming and outgoing mail, as Taal Volcano’s activity has not yet ceased. Alert level 4 remains in place, indicating intense unrest characterized by earthquake swarms and volcanic tremors, ash explosions, fluctuating emission levels, ground deformation, lava flow and/or rockfalls. Similarly, hazardous eruptions are still possible within the coming days.


Start date: 17th January
End date: Ongoing

Canada Post would like to inform other Union member countries and their designated operators that, owing to heavy snowfall, the city of St. John’s, Newfoundland has declared a state of emergency, with all businesses to remain closed and all residents to stay at home. The St. John’s mail processing plant, letter carrier depots and retail offices in the St. John’s metro and Eastern Avalon area have been closed since the morning of Friday, 17 January 2020, and collection and distribution of letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items in the affected areas is currently suspended.

Designated operators are therefore advised that mail services to and from these areas are liable to suffer delays until further notice.


Start date: 22nd January
End date: 25th January

Israel Postal Company would like to inform other Union member countries and their designated operators that events are being held in Jerusalem from 22 to 24 January 2020 to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, which may cause delays in the transport and delivery of all mail types (letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items), as well as to flights and mail handling at the airport.


Start date: 23rd January
Expected end date: 3rd February

Due to reduced Customs operations over the Chinese New Year period, some gateways into China will not be conducting clearance work for international letters and parcels on 25, 26, 28 & 30 January 2020.

As a result, deliveries into China may experience delays during and immediately after this period, due to the possible build-up of mail & parcels waiting to clear customs.

Start date: 21st January
End date: Ongoing

Coronavirus impacts postal operations: the Chinese State Post Office has announced that an emergency response and control plan has been deployed as of January 21 for parcels that are sent from Hubei Province as a result of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. The measures are to ensure the prevention of the spread of the virus during the Lunar New Year celebration period.


Start date: 11th November 2019
End date: 23rd January

Australia Post would like to inform other Union member countries and their designated operators that the severe weather event, resulting in bushfires in regional areas of Australia, has ended and that the collection and delivery of all mail products are back to normal.


Start date: 20th January
End date: 27th January

Temporary airspace closure to affect flights: On January 20, it has been reported that flight operations at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, India, are expected to be impacted between January 20 – 26 due to temporary city’s airspace closure. Landings and take offs scheduled between 10:35 am and 12:15 pm local time will be particularly affected.


Start date: 21st January
End date: Ongoing

Heavy rainfall affects postal services: Sources reported on January 22 that postal services in parts of Mauritius may be disrupted due to heavy rain on the island since January 21. Many roads are reportedly inaccessible, causing heavy traffic in many areas and delays in the pick-up and delivery of postal items. Further disruptions should be expected until the weather situation normalizes.


Start date: 1st January

The  designated  operator  of  the  RUSSIAN  FEDERATION,  JSC  Russian
Post,  would  like  to  inform  the  designated  operators  of  other Union member countries that,  following  a  Eurasian  Economic  Union  customs
legislation  change,  it  has  introduced  new  limits,  as  of  1  January 2020,  for the  duty-free  import  of  goods  sent  to  the  Russian Federation  in international  postal  items  addressed  to private persons.  Specifically,  for items  sent  to  private  persons  for personal use:
–  If the value of the international postal item does not exceed 200 euros  (EUR) and  (or)  the  weight  of  the  international  postal  item does  not  exceed  31 kilograms,  customs  duties  will  not  be collected;
–  If the value of the international postal item exceeds 200 EUR or if  the  weight exceeds 31  kilograms,  customs  duties  will  be calculated as follows: at a rate of 15% for the value exceeding 200 EUR, but at a minimum rate of 2 EUR per kilogram of the weight of the international postal item.


Start date: 1st January

The  designated  operator  of  NORWAY,  Posten  Norge  AS,  wishes  to inform Union member countries and their  designated  operators of changes  to  the rules  governing VAT  and  other indirect  taxes  on  the import of low-value goods to Norway, which will come into effect in two  stages, on 1 January and, tentatively,  on  1  April  2020. The changes to the indirect tax rules governing the import of low-value goods, decided by the Norwegian Parliament on 13 December 2019, are as  follows:
–  As  of  1  January  2020,  exemptions  from  VAT  and  other indirect  taxes for  goods  defined  as  foodstuffs,  goods  with  import restrictions,  and  goods that are  subject  to  excise  duty  will  be abolished.  Examples  of  foodstuffs are  food,  candy,  soft  drinks, health foods, food supplements, protein powder, spices and tea;
– To ensure  that  the  requirements  are  met,  Union  member countries and their  designated  operators  may  wish  to  refer  to  the  Norwegian Tax Administration website, which has published further guidance on this matter:–important-changes

– Additional guidance has also been published by Posten Norge AS at;
–  For  other  low-value  goods  under  the  current  exemption,  at  the intended date  of  entry  into  force  of  1  April  2020,  the  exemption from VAT and other indirect taxes will also be abolished. Under this new legislation, sellers and online marketplaces (deemed suppliers) will  be  liable  for  VAT  on  cross-border  sales  of  low-value  goods (3,000  NOK  and  below)  to final consumers  in  Norway.  A  simplified scheme  –  called VOEC  (VAT on e commerce)  –  will then be established for sellers and online marketplaces to register, declare and pay VAT on supplies of low-value goods for consumers in Norway. The customs duty  threshold  will  be  raised  from  350  to  3,000  NOK for  goods  for which the obligation to collect Norwegian VAT is handled through the VOEC scheme.

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