Incident bulletin 23rd August 2019

Incident bulletins are sent weekly with information about situations that affect postal distribution.

This week’s bulletin contains updates about: France, Hong Kong, USA, India, Colombia, Russia, Mexico, Taiwan, Malaysia.


Start date: 24th August
End date: 26th August

Due to the G7 summit hold in BIARRITZ on August 24-26, the transport and delivery of Letters and Parcels will be impacted:

No delivery of Parcels and Letters in Biarritz (postal codes 642XX) from the 24th to the 26th of August.
Delivery problems in Hendaye, Ascain, Mouguerre, St Martin de Seignanx, Boucau and Tarnos (postal codes 64300, 64310, 64700, 64900, 40390, 40220) from the 24th to the 26th of August.
Reinforced process on the 27th of August and the days after.

Hong Kong

Start date: 3rd August
End date: 20th August

Postal operations resume: The HongKong Post reported on August 20 that postal services across Hong Kong are back to normal following disruptions since August 3 due to ongoing protests across Hong Kong.

United States

Start date: 18th August
End date: Ongoing

Adverse weather causes flight delays: On August 19, the Federal Aviation Administration indicates that several northeastern airports in the United States have been experiencing delays due to adverse weather conditions since August 18. The affected airports are Newark International, John F. Kennedy International and La Guardia airports. No timeline as to when the situation will normalise has been immediately provided.

Start date: 20th August
End date: 20th August

Demolition work affects air traffic: Media sources reported that Tampa International Airport is temporarily closed due to planned demolition work scheduled for 2 am local time on August 20. Airport operations are expected to resume as normal throughout the morning of August 20.


Start date: 19th August
End date: Ongoing

Heavy rainfall causes road disruptions: heavy rainfall has caused flooding and landslides in Himachal Pradesh State in India. Many roads have been inundated or damaged and the National Highway 3 remains closed between Manali and Kullu. Flooding associated disruptions are likely to continue as more rainfall is expected in the coming days.


Start date: 22nd August
End date: Ongoing

Wildfire disrupts road traffic: On August 22, media sources indicate that a large wildfire has been disrupting traffic along the highway Autopista Medellin-Bogota in Colombia, with the El Cabuyal area being affected the most. Firefighting operations are underway, but there is no information as to when the situation will normalize.


Start date: 22nd August
End date: Ongoing

Adverse weather affects flights: adverse weather has been affecting airport operations at Novosibirsk International Airport and Kemerovo Airport in Russia. An unspecified number of flights have been either delayed or cancelled. No timeline as to when the situation will normalize has been provided.


Start date: 23rd August
End date: Ongoing

Heavy rainfall from Tropical Storm Ivo has caused flooding across Sinaloa in Mexico, affecting traffic on the Mazatlan-Culiacan highway among other roads. The disruptions associated with flooding are likely to persist as more rain is forecast for the coming days.


Start date: 24th August
End date: Unknown

Tropical Storm Bailu to impact Taiwan: tropical Storm Bailu, locally known as Ineng in the Philippines, is likely to make landfall in Taitung county overnight on August 23-24. The storm is expected to bring heavy rainfall and strong winds which will likely affect road traffic and cause disruption.

Technical Problems


Start date: 22nd August
End date: Ongoing

Pos Malaysia informs other Union member countries and their designated operators that it is experiencing technical difficulties with its IT system owing to network problems.

This IT system disruption has resulted in an interruption of electronic data interchange (EDI), commencing at approximately 10.00 local time (2 am GMT) in Malaysia in the morning of Thursday, 22 August 2019. Pos Malaysia is working to resolve this IT issue as quickly as possible.

Once the problem has been resolved, EDI message backlogs will be cleared as soon as possible.

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