Incident bulletin 23rd April 2019

Incident bulletins are sent weekly with information about situations that affect postal distribution.

This week’s bulletin contains updates about: Taiwan, Colombia, Portugal, China, India, Jamaica.



Start date: 15th April
End date: Ongoing

Strike affects postal services: CTT Correios de Portugal reported that outbound mail from Portugal may be affected by a carrier embargo to mail transport. A national strike by the National Union of Dangerous Materials Drivers (ANTRAM) has disrupted fuel supply for airports, ports, fire stations, and gas stations across Portugal since April 15. Lisbon Airport (LIS) has reportedly run out of fuel and Faro Airport (FAO) is running low. Several air carriers can reportedly not guarantee mail transport.


Start date: 18th April
End date: Ongoing

Major earthquake hits Taiwan: a major 6.1 earthquake occurred in the city of Hualien in Taiwan and caused associated road traffic disruption, including in Taipei. There were no immediate reports of casualties.


Start date: 16th April
End date: Ongoing

Flooding disrupts road traffic in Bogota: disruptive flooding due to heavy rain is affecting multiple neighbourhoods in southern Bogota. According to reports, the following areas are experiencing particularly high levels of water: Usaquén, Chapinero, San Cristóbal and Ciudad Bolívar. This is likely to affect ground transportation and cause delivery delays in the affected areas.


Start date: 11th April
End date: Ongoing

Flash flooding causes road disruptions: flash flooding following heavy rainfall in Shenzhen, China, have caused road traffic disruption, particularly in Futian and Luohu districts. Multiple roads have been closed in the affected areas.


Start date: 15th April
Expected end date: 5th May

Jet Airways cancels all international flights: the second-largest Indian airline Jet Airways has cancelled all international flights throughout April 15, with further cancellations expected to occur by May 5 due to financial difficulties. More than 16,000 Jet Airways employees have staged several demonstrations and two more planned in New Delhi.

Start date: 18th April
Expected end date: 19th April

Landslides disrupt road traffic: road traffic on the Jammu-Srinagar Highway in North India has been blocked due to several landslides. More than 3,000 vehicles have been stranded along the road. Heavy congestion is expected in the area throughout the day.


Start date: 8th April
End date: Ongoing
Jamaica Post informs other Union member countries and their designated operators that it has been experiencing airlift challenges since Monday, 8 April 2019, directly attributed to capacity challenges, arising from the grounding of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft.

Consequently, several mail dispatches are having to be rerouted to alternative air carriers and in some cases have not been airlifted at all. The situation is being actively addressed, and an update will be communicated as soon as possible.

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