Incident bulletin 22nd September 2017

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This week’s bulletin contains updates about: France, Romania, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Dominica and French Caribbean Territories.



Start date:  21st September
End date:   22nd September

Due to 1 day general strike in France on 21 September 2017, UK export mail for delivery in France will be delayed by up for to 36 hours, and import in to the UK may be delayed by up to 24 hours.


Start date:  17th September
End date:    ongoing

Severe storms raged in western Romania on September 17. Particularly affected was the Timisoara region, where damage to property, traffic disruptions and power outages were reported.


Start date:  15th September
End date :   ongoing

Tropical Storm Doksuri hit the north and north-east of Thailand, causing severe flooding.
Especially affected were the provinces of Kalasin, Phangnga, Phetchabun, Phitsanulok, Phrae, Sakon Nakhon, Satun and Uttaradit.
In addition, on Friday, torrential rainfall on the island of Phuket caused severe flooding, landslides and flight disruptions.


Start date:  15th September
End date :   ongoing

Typhoon Doksuri hit central Vietnam, causing power outages, flooding, and storm damage.
Numerous flights have been canceled to and from Vietnam’s central provinces.

New Zealand

Start date:  18th September
End date :   ongoing

New Zealand Post have advised, that, due to aviation fuel rationing at Auckland Airport following damage to a pipeline, many flights have been cancelled. As result, mails to NZ are held up at transit points prior to arrival at Auckland and hence delays are expected in local delivery (the likely delay is currently unclear); similar delays are likely due to the backlog once flights have resumed normal service, however this is not expected to be for at least another week.


Start date:  19th September
End date :   ongoing

Owing to the earthquake that struck Mexico on Tuesday, 19 September 2017, inbound and outbound postal operations are suspended until further notice at Mexico City International Airport, IMPC codes MXMEXD, MXMEXB and MXMEXE.


Start date:  20th September
End date :   ongoing

The designated operator of Brazil, Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos, wishes to inform, that, in some regions of the country, a strike has been affecting delivery operations since Wednesday, 20 September 2017.

A business continuity plan is in place to ensure normality in the provision of services and minimize possible impacts. However, the partial work stoppage may affect the delivery of inbound postal items (letter post, parcels and EMS items).


Start date:  20th September
End date :   ongoing

The Secretariat of the Caribbean Postal Union (CPU), on behalf of the designated operator of Dominica, the Dominica Postal Service, asks us to inform that all postal services have been suspended in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

French Caribbean Territories

Start date:  20th September
End date :   ongoing

It has been reported that the extreme weather conditions in the Caribbean, strongly affected by hurricanes Irma and Maria, have seriously impacted its operations in the following territories: Saint Martin (French part of the Island); (SXM and SFG); Saint Barthélemy (SBH); Guadeloupe (PTP); and Martinique (FDF).
Situation on 20 September 2017 :

Saint Barthélemy: all addresses with postcode 97133: no postal services available until further notice;
Saint Martin (French part of the Island): all addresses with postcode 97150: no postal services available until further notice;
Guadeloupe: all other postcodes starting with 971: operations heavily impacted; expect delays in delivery services in most areas of the territory. Flights to PTP are often cancelled and/or dedicated to first aid response for the populations of Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy;
Martinique, postcodes starting 972: postal services are OK, but flights to this destination are also heavily impacted; expect delays and disruption.








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