Incident bulletin 21st April 2017

This week’s bulletin contains updates about: Czech Republic, Romania, Kazakhstan, USA, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Venezuela, India and Iran.

Czech Republic

Start date: 19th April
End date :  ongoing

We have been informed that due to heavy snowfall, that delays to mail deliveries are likely may occur in the following areas: 790xx, 770xx, 779xx and 792xx.


Start date: 19th April
End date :  ongoing

Due to heavy snowfalls, delays may occur in mail deliveries/pickups, especially in these areas: 810XXX, 800XXX, 805300, 820XXX, 710XXX and 720XXX.


Start date: 16th April
End date :  19th April

Flooding has been reported in the following regions of Kazakhstan over the last few days: Akmola, Aktobe, East Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, Karaganda, Kostanay, North Kazakhstan. Emergency situations have been declared in Aktobe as well as in the districts of Gabit Musirepov (North Kazakhstan) and Beskaragay (East Kazakhstan).


Start date: 17th April
End date :  ongoing

Stormy weather led to numerous flight cancellations and numerous delays from and to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.


Start date: 28th April
End date : ongoing

Brazil’s main trade unions have announced a general strike. The transport and logistic union CNTTL-CUT, also representing the aviation sector, ports and public transport, has called on its members to participate as well.

Costa Rica

Start date: 18th April
End date : ongoing

According to the Federal Foreign Office, disruptions in air traffic around the capital San José are currently to be expected due to the two active volcanoes Póas and Turrialba.


Start date: 13th April
End date : ongoing

Correos y Telegrafos Guatemala informs that due to staffing difficulties, it has accumulated a backlog of parcels. In order to clear this backlog, it is suspending the inward and outward transmission of international mail. The designated operators of other countries are therefore asked to hold back any mail destined for Guatemala until further notice.


Start date: 19th April
End date : ongoing

Heavy rainfall triggered numerous landslides in the Colombian city of Manizales which destroyed houses and made several roads impassable.


Start date: 19th April
End date : 24th April

Demonstrations and protests in several regions of Venezuela are currently causing traffic disruptions. In the course of mass protests on 19 April, numerous main traffic arteries in Caracas were blocked.
Violent protests also took place on 20 April, amongst others in Maracaibo, Valencia, San Cristobal and Caracas. Numerous businesses remained closed.
A nationwide silent march is scheduled for 22 April, and a “national blockade” of roads is planned for 24 April.


Start date: 25th April
End date :

According to media reports, an indefinite strike has been called by the All India Gramin Dak Sevaks Union (AIGDSU).


Start date: 14th April
End date : 17th April

Major flooding triggered by heavy rains hit northwestern Iran. Six provinces were affected; the districts of Ajabshir and Azarshahr in East Azerbaijan province have been worst hit.


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