Incident bulletin 20th October 2017

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This week’s bulletin contains updates about: Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Canada and Philippines.



Start date:  16th October
End date:    18th October

Due to extreme weather conditions (storm Ophelia) there were restrictions to the postal services on  Monday 16th October and Tuesday 17th October.

Start date: 20th October

Another storm Brian is due to affect Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man over the weekend, and deliveries may be impacted early next week.
The severity of the storm is not fully known, however it may impact remote areas and those that rely upon ferry crossings.

Spain and Portugal

Start date:  15th October
End date:    ongoing

Numerous wildfires have been raging since Sunday in the center and north of Portugal as well as in the north and north-west of Spain. The regions Coimbra, Castelo Branco, Viseu and Guarda (Portugal) and Galicia (Spain) are particularly affected.
In Portugal, the state of emergency was declared in the affected regions.


Start date:  18h October
End date:    ongoing

Canada Post informs about mail and parcel delivery disruptions in southern Alberta and southern Saskatchewan due to grass fires.


Start date:  16th October
End date:    22nd October

A nationwide transport strike in the Philippines on 16th and 17th October has resulted in a large backlog of traffic being generated and it is expected to be cleared by 22nd October. Delivery of all categories of mail  is being affected.













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