Incident bulletin 18th November 2016

This week’s bulletin contains updates about: USA, New Zealand and Chile.


Start date: 1st October
End date:   ongoing

Confirmation has been received from USPS in the last few days that mails entering the US through Chicago are under specific checks from US Customs and Border Protection and that this has been ongoing from the start of October. This is leading to delays for some items being checked by these agencies and could lead to delays of up to 7 days.

New Zealand

Start date: 14th November
Updated :  ongoing

It has been informed by New Zealand Post that due to an earthquake on the South Island, postal operations in large parts of the country have been disrupted. The affected areas include the Wellington Region and the South Island. Delays in the delivery of all categories of mail (letters, parcels and EMS) are expected in the coming days.

In addition to the above, New Zealand Post has also informed that Wellington has experienced torrential rain, region-wide flooding and gale-force winds since 14 November 2016, leading to road closures across the region and disruptions to the road and rail transportation networks in the Greater Wellington region.


Start date: 26th October
Updated: 18th November

The strike by Chilean customs staff is still ongoing and delays in the processing of all incoming and outgoing postal items (letters, small packets, parcels and EMS) are to be expected until further notice.

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