Incident bulletin 17th May 2019

Incident bulletins are sent weekly with information about situations that affect postal distribution.

This week’s bulletin contains updates about: Germany, Israel, India, Mexico, Jamaica, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Philippines.



Start date: 19th May
End date: 25th May

Cagliari Airport will be closed from 9:50 pm to 06:00 am, starting next Sunday May 19th, up to Saturday May 25th, for urgent works. Poste Italiane has tried to find an alternative solution with airport authorities but request was not accepted.
Priority items addressed to the whole Sardinia Region (zip code from 07010 to 09199) are usually daily transported by air at night. During the above-mentioned period the night flight will arrive in the Island after 06:00 am and this implies a delay of 24 hrs in collection and delivery in the whole Sardinia Region from Monday to Friday next week.
Poste Italiane will do its utmost to minimize the impact but delays
are to be expected.


Start date: 16th May
End date: 17th May

The Skeyes air traffic controllers were holding a strike on the 16th May from 9:30 am – 1:00 pm local time across Belgium. Several flights have been cancelled at major Belgium airports, with most cancellations being reported at Charleroi, Zaventem, and Brussels. Further disruptions and delays are likely throughout the day.


Start date: 16th May
End date: 17th May

IT maintenance will disrupt airmail services: Deutsche Post reported that the Airmail Center Frankfurt will not operate on May 16 between 12 and 4 pm local time due to IT maintenance and migration. All outbound, inbound and transit airmail dispatches at Frankfurt Airport will be affected during these four hours.


Start date: 4th May
End date: 13th May

Postal operations resume: The Israel Postal Company indicates on May 13 that all postal operations have resumed following disruptions due to the security situation in southern Israel.


Start date: 14th May
End date: Ongoing

Landslides block national highway: ground transportation on the Jammu-Srinagar Highway in North India has been disrupted due to several landslides. Significant delays should be expected in the area throughout the following days.


Start date: 15th May
End date: Ongoing

Adverse weather causes disruptions: heavy rains are causing disruption to road and air traffic across Mexico City since the evening of May 15. Flight operations at the Mexico City International Airport have been affected and flooding has resulted in moderate road delays.


Start date: 14th May
End date: Ongoing

The designated operator of Jamaica, Jamaica Post informs that the
International  Mail  Processing  Centre  in  Kingston,  Jamaica,  had  to
initiate  an  emergency  shutdown  of  operations  as  of  9.52  local  time
on Tuesday, 14 May 2019, owing to noxious fumes circulating outside
and  within  the  Processing  Centre.  Consequently,  all  outbound  and
inbound  mail  operations  have  been  impacted.  Certain  administrative
functions, such as the processing of verification notes and customer
queries  by  the  Customer  Service  Unit,  have  also  been  affected.  The
local  health  and  emergency  authorities  are  actively  investigating
the  situation.


Start date: 13th May
End date: Ongoing

The  designated  operator  of  Afghanistan,  Afghan  Post informs that a terrorist attack hit Afghan Post headquarters on Saturday, 13
April  2019.  As  a  result  of  that  attack,  parcel  post,  customs  and
international outbound mail offices were burned down and a number of
experienced  postal  officials  were  killed.  The  IPS. Post  system  for
postal  parcels,  small  packets,  registered  letter  mail  and  customer
service  is  down.  EDI  messages  with  partners  cannot  be  transmitted,
and there is no access to the international outgoing mail system or
to  the  Internet.  Afghan  Post  is  working  to  restart  its  operational
systems  as  quickly  as  possible.

Zimbabwe – back to normal

Start date: 15th March
End date: 17th May

The designated operator of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Posts informs other Union member countries that all of its postal operations in the areas of Manicaland that
were affected by Cyclone Idai are now back to normal.
Zimbabwe Posts thanks Union member countries and their designated
operators for their understanding and support during this natural

Technical problems


Start date: 30th April
End date: 17th May

Poste Italiane would like to inform their partners that the IT
issue has been resolved.


Start date: 16th May
End date: Ongoing

The designated operator of the Philippines, Philippine Postal Corporation informs that it is facing major IT issues as of 16 May 2019.
As a result, processing of outgoing and incoming international mail dispatches will be delayed. The situation is being actively addressed.

Further updates will follow once the situation has returned to normal.

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