Incident bulletin 17th August 2017

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This week’s bulletin contains updates about: Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, China, India, Nepal, Iran, Venezuela and Sierra Leone.



Start date:  13th August
End date:    26th August

Violent storms largely paralyzed traffic in the Frankfurt (Main). At Frankfurt Airport (FRA), flight operations came to a temporary halt. There were flight delays and flight cancellations. Train services in the region have also been temporarily suspended.
Furthermore, the railway line between Rastatt and Baden-Baden has been closed since 13 August due to technical failures. International freight transport is also affected. The closure will last until at least 26 August.


Start date:  22nd July
End date:    21st August

It has been reported that the Italian postal unions expanded their strike actions. After the employees in Tuscany already went on strike from July 22 to August 20, the Emilia-Romagna region now follows and start a strike from August 1 to August 21. Therefore delays are expected in the processing and delivery of  mail and parcel shipments to and from Italy.


Start date:  14th August
End date:    15th August

Security staff at Barcelona-El Prat Airport (BCN) went on strike on 14 August for at least 24 hours.


Start date:  13th August
End date:    ongoing

A wildfire, which broke out in the Kalamos region, is rapidly spreading. Thousands had to be evacuated; there are widespread power outages.


Start date:  12th August
End date :  ongoing

Severe thunderstorms hit Beijing, flooding roads and disrupting hundreds of flights from/to Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK).

India, Nepal

Start date:  9th August
End date :  ongoing

Heavy monsoon rains caused severe flooding and mudslides in the border region between Nepal and India. Entire areas are under water. Many roads and bridges are impassable. Delays in mail delivery service are expected.

Start date: 23rd August
End date:  24th August

The National Federation of Postal Employees has announced a one-day national strike in India for August 23.


Start date:  11th August
End date :  ongoing

Heavy rainfall caused severe flooding in northeastern Iran. In total, five provinces were affected. Shirvan county (North Khorasan) is among the worst-affected areas, with several villages cut off from the outside world.


Start date:  15th August
End date :  ongoing

It has been reported that it is not possible to send any mail and parcels to Venezuela as the route has been closed off due to the political instability in the country.

Sierra Leone

Start date:  13th  August
End date :  ongoing

Heavy rain overnight on 13-14 August resulted in severe flooding, landslides and damage in Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown, and the surrounding area.




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