Incident bulletin 16th November 2018

Incident bulletins are sent weekly with information about situations that affect postal distribution.

This week’s bulletin contains updates about: Italy, Canada, USA, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Panama.



Start date: 12th November
End date: 13th November

The International Conference for Libya takes place in Palermo on 12 & 13 November. In compliance with security measures, seven post offices in no-access postcode area: 90142 will be closed from Saturday November 10 up to mid-day on Tuesday November 13. The delivery operations in the relevant and neighboring areas will be impacted on these two days with Zip code: 90142, 90141, 90143, 90139, 90133, 90149 and 90151.
Delays may still be observed immediately after the event due to any possible mail back logged as result.

Start date: 29th October
Update: 15th November

Following significant flooding towards the end of October, severe impacts to postal delivery have been seen as a result of temporary road closures in the Feltre territory (North-East). Due to these access issues, mail and parcels for the Feltre territory will continue to experience delays to delivery. The situation is back to normal in other North-Eastern territories.


Start date: 22nd October
Update: 15th November

The designated operator of Canada, Canada Post, asks to update the designated operators of other Union member countries regarding the ongoing negotiations with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW). While negotiations continue, the CUPW continues to conduct rotating strikes across Canada. These rotating strikes have caused delays throughout Canada’s postal network – including in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal where the country’s largest processing facilities, airlines and ground handling operations are experiencing significant backlogs. Designated operators are therefore requested to immediately discontinue the despatch of all mail (letters, parcels and EMS) to Toronto and Vancouver until further notice.

California Wildfires

Start date: 10th November
End date:

Please be advised that due to wildfires in California, deliveries to the following zip codes may be affected as a result.
• Magalia – 95954-9998
• Stirling City – 5978-9998
• Paradise – 95969-9998
• Forest Ranch – 95942-9998


Start date: 14th November
End date:

It has been reported that due to thunderstorm and torrential rain in Kuwait, potential delivery delays are to be expected as a result.

Saudi Arabia

Start date: 15th November
End date:

Please be aware that the local customs systems in Saudi Arabia are currently experiencing intermittent problems causing clearance delays.


Start date: 14th November
End date:

The Dirección Nacional de Correos y Telégrafos indicated on November 14 that it has temporarily suspended open and closed transit mail to Colombia.

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