Incident bulletin 13th October 2017

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This week’s bulletin contains updates about:  France, Belgium, Cyprus, USA, Brazil and Argentina.



Start date:  25th September
End date:    16th October

The strikes in France over pension reform continue, and stopped Dover-Calais operations yesterday morning. This action is again likely to affect road networks, fuel refineries and other industrial sites. Mail movement continues to be interrupted into and out of France, delays of 36 hours for outbound mail and 24 hours for inward items can be expected.
In addition, the blockades would also affect road trucks with mail travelling through France to: Germany, Switzerland (not PFW products) and Italy (Not PFW products) where similar delay can be expected.


Start date:   9th October
End date:    11th October

A Public Sector strike has been announced for Tuesday 10 Oct 2017 in Belgium. While road blockades are not expected, mail and parcel processing by Belgium Post will be affected.


Start date:   13th October
End date :    16th October

It has been reported by Cyprus Post that their postal workers union have announced a half-day strike for Monday 16 October 2017. This will affect both international and domestic dispatches and delivery of items in all mail classes.


Start date:    9th October
End date :    16th October

Due to wildfires in the state of California there are issues with postal services in the San Francisco and Bay Valley areas. Deliveries in these areas can experience some delays.


Start date:  13th September
End date:    29th October

Brazil Post has informed that the strike that was impacting on mail processing is over. However, during the course of returning to normal mail operation, some delays may still occur.


Start date:  9th October
End date:    ongoing

Severe storms in Northern Argentina caused flooding and considerable damage, particularly in the city of Corrientes. More storms are predicted up to and including 12 October.












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