Incident bulletin 13th January 2017

This week’s bulletin contains updates about: Greece, Romania, and Turkey.


Start date: 7th January
End date: ongoing

Since 7th of January, heavy snow storms have started at the north areas and the islands of Greece with extremely low temperatures. These snowstorms have been extended to the rest of the country and as of Monday it covers also the area of Athens.
According to the meteorologists, it is the worst situation over the last 40 years and this will continue at least until Thursday.
Due to these snowstorms, some domestic flights have been cancelled and serious problems in collection and delivery at all affected areas have occurred.


Start date: 6th January
End date: 10th January

Since 6 January until 9 January, heavy winter conditions affected certain parts of Romania. Transportation networks (roads, railways) were blocked by snow blizzards. As a results, the collection and delivery of mail and parcels was interrupted or significantly delayed in the respective areas. The weather forecasts states further worsening of meteorological conditions in the same areas in south eastern Romania. This will lead to further delays in mail processing and delivery.


Start date: 6th January
End date: 16th January

Due to heavy snowfalls in Istanbul, there will be a delay of least 3 days in the delivery and collection of mail in Turkey.

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