Incident bulletin 12th January 2018

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This week’s bulletin contains updates about: Iceland, Israel, Australia and USA.



Start date:                   9th January
Estimated end date:   14th January
A severe weather front moving over Iceland is limiting flight availability, and subsequently affecting mail in to and out of the country. A delay of 48-hours is expected on all mail until weather and flight availability improves.


Start date:  10th January
End date:    15th January

Israel Postal Company Ltd has advised that service delays may be expected as inbound customs clearance activities will be interrupted between 10 January 2018 and 14 January 2018 as the country switches over to a next-generation computerised customs clearance system.


Start date:  12th January
End date:

Northern-Australia has seen severe weather due to cyclone Joyce, causing flooding of roads and other damages to infrastructure. Deliveries in the region around Broome might suffer delays because of this.


Start date:   4th January
End date:

The heavy snowstorm that impacted Mid-Atlantic and North Eastern USA last week is still affecting airport and mail operations within the region. Mail processing and delivery continue to be difficult due to the weather conditions. Currently, mail is delayed by 3 to 4 days.
























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