Incident bulletin 10th January 2020

Incident bulletins are sent weekly with information about situations that affect postal distribution.

This week’s bulletin contains updates about: France, Iceland, Australia, India, Serbia.




Start date: 9th January
End date: 9th January

Air traffic controllers strike affects flights: On January 9, media sources indicated that air traffic controllers were on strike as part of the ongoing protests against a planned pension reform. Precedents indicate that strikes by the aviation workers resulted in the cancellation of hundreds of flights.


Start date: 7th January
End date: 8th January

Due to a storm in Iceland all international flights have been cancelled to and from Iceland starting around 14:00 on the 7th of January until late morning 8th of January.
Due to this no flights were arriving from Europe in the afternoon/evening of 7th of January and no mail will be sent to Europe on the 8th of January.
Domestic transport and distribution will similarly be affected.
No transport will be possible to rural areas for distribution on the 8th of January except for possibly areas around Reykjavik where delays are still expected.


Start date: 20th December 2019
End date: Ongoing

A severe weather event, with bushfires in regional areas in Australia, is impacting the collection and delivery of all mail products to postcode area:

4570; 4650; 4674; 4670; 4676; 5232 – 5253; 5115 – 5117; 5271 – 5275; 2250 – 2263; 2323 – 2430; 2440; 2443; 2446; 2469; 2471; 2775; 2848; 3865;
3909; 3700 – 3741; 2500 – 2653; 2721 – 2730; 2753 – 2795; 2900 – 2914; 5220 – 5223; 6030; 6037; 6041; 6335 – 6338; 6442; 6725 – 6770.

There will also be impacts on mail flows in and out of Australia due to issue transporting the mail to/from specified area.


Start date: 8th January
End date: Ongoing

General strike disrupts parts of India: Updated media sources indicate on January 8 that tens of thousands of workers affiliated with trade unions have begun a planned general strike that is disrupting parts of India on January 8. The Federation of National Postal Organisation and the National Federation of Postal Employees have also called on postal workers to join the strike and postal disruptions should be expected throughout the duration of the strike.


Start date: 9th January
End date: Ongoing

Customs face delays due to backlog: Industry sources reported on January 9 that inbound customs clearance is currently taking up to several working days due to significant backlogs from December 2019 that still need to be processed. No information on when the clearance process will normalize was available.

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