Finland: the most mature digital economy in the EU

Finland: the most mature digital economy in the EU

Finland - Key e-commerce indicators: Internet penetration 97%, E-commerce consumers: 95%, E-commerce consumers abroad: 93%, Average yearly purchase: EUR 788, Shopped online more often due to coronavirus: 25%

Finland is number one in DESI, the European Commission’s Digital Economy and Society Index, which means that the country is considered the most mature digital economy in the EU. However, in terms of e-commerce, Finns lag somewhat behind the other Nordic countries, mainly because older consumers have not yet fully embraced it. When Finns shop online, they often make cross-border purchases.

One contributing factor is that a lot of people shop online from Swedish companies, and these entered the Finnish market quite early and were able to gain a foothold. Another reason is that Finland has relatively few strong domestic brands.

Despite Finnish consumer enthusiasm regarding cross-border online shopping, the domestic is still the country’s most visited marketplace. Verkkokauppa mainly sells electronics, which is one of the most popular product categories among Finnish e-commerce consumers. US eBay is also a relatively well-frequented marketplace in Finland.

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Olof Källgren, Market Information Manager, Direct Link