E-commerce in the Nordics worth €22 billion

E-commerce in the Nordics worth €22 billion

For the ninth consecutive year, PostNord has commissioned a comprehensive study on the Nordic e-commerce market. The latest “E-commerce in the Nordics 2017” report has just been published and can now be ordered.

Purchases from foreign markets rising steadily

E-commerce is constantly getting more global which this study also reflects. More than one third of the Nordic e-consumers shops from abroad on a monthly basis. The Finns are the keenest cross-border shoppers with 46% making purchases from foreign websites each month. Britain and China are the most favored markets to buy from, followed by Germany, the US and Sweden. Top three categories being bought from abroad are Fashion, Home electronics and Media products.

Delivery – freedom of choice important to Nordic consumers

E-commerce in the Nordics report 2017As e-commerce is, from a general perspective, getting more mature, also consumers are becoming more demanding when it comes to expected service levels. Delivery is such an example of online consumers having high expectations. Between the Nordic countries, there are both differences and similarities concerning how people want the deliveries to take place. To have goods delivered directly to the mail box is a popular option in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Danes stand out when it comes to home deliveries, while a popular alternative in Sweden is to pick up goods at a convenient service point. Four out of five Nordic online consumers state that freedom of choice in delivery is one of the most important features in connection with e-commerce.

Relatively low number of returns from Nordic consumers

Compared to some countries in central Europe, the Nordic online consumers in general makes fewer returns. The highest return rate is found in Finland where 14% of online shoppers returned an item. Norway has the lowest rate with 8%, and in Denmark and Sweden the numbers are 10% and 11%, respectively.

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About the report

The report is based on consumer research performed monthly in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. A total of 89 000 respondents participated. The study found that Nordic online consumers were buying physical goods at a total value of €21.9 bn during 2016. Swedish consumers spend the most with a total of €8.5 bn, while Norwegian online consumers have the highest average spending at €173.

Olof Källgren, Market Information Manager, Direct Link

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